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A repost from 2010: I sent this to my principal last week: Today Luis came to class for the third straight day, which may be a record. [The social worker] and I are working on how we can help Luis save his year, because as

A modified (to reflect the current topic of milking) repost from 2009: In one Rolling Stones song Mick Jagger repeats only the words "I'm all right" for the entire song. That's the message. (Apparently even Mick needs reps on that one, right? I certainly do!) Anyway, that ultra simplistic patterning of

A repost from 2009: Susan Gross has said about personalization: … the BIG PICTURE is the relationships among those in the classroom. That’s what real teaching is all about. If the relationship is healthy, the kids will learn better. If the relationship

The expressions in French: How are you? What is your name? sound alike: Comment allez-vous? Comment vas-tu? Comment vous appelez-vous? Comment t'appelles-tu? Not only that, there are many different ways to say each one: Ça va? Comment ça va? Vous allez bien? Comment vous portez-vous? Comment te portes-tu? etc. Now, the brain has to handle