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Ben Slavic is a nationally recognized Comprehensible Input (CI) and TPRS expert. He is the author of numerous best-selling books and has given workshops and lectures to teachers all over the United States since 2007.

Ben Slavic

Comprehensible Input Shouldn’t Be This Complex

Sometimes it feels like it requires an engineering degree.

But it needn’t be.

Enter Ben’s books and learning community.

Let’s do what works…


Meet Ben

Expert Comprehensible Input Teacher, Author, Lecturer.

“My goal is to help teachers do comprehensible input better.”

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With stories, teaching a language successfully is very difficult, but it reaches most students. Without stories, success is virtually impossible, and reaches only a few bright kids. You have to pick one of these. If you pick the first, you align with 21st century standards. If you pick the second, you align with nothing. You do, however, convey the illusion to lots of kids that they can’t learn a language. Don’t do that anymore.


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