The Goal is Equity

About Ben Slavic

Ben Slavic

Ben Slavic is a CI language instructor who feels that the CI community has strayed from the pure research in recent years. As a CI purist, he wants to help language teachers align their instruction fully with the research and with the ACTFL Communication Standard. Ben believes that doing this will make the process of teaching using comprehensible input in language classrooms a lot easier for both instructors and students.

Ben’s CI goal is to reach and help teachers who are currently breaking away from the old outdated ways of teaching languages. He feels that the language learning process must be made to be fun for students and that the language classroom must be renewed and emptied of pretense and boredom. He feels that languages must invite curiosity and reduce stress in both teacher and students, bringing  authentic acquisition to each and every language student in the classroom and not just the rich.

Ben Slavic

Sample Tableau

I got this nice message and drawing – click on link below – from a teacher who took the Ultimate CI Book I training this

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