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About Ben

Ben Slavic

Comprehensible Input and TPRS Author, Lecturer, and Teacher

Ben Slavic is a nationally recognized Comprehensible Input (CI) and TPRS expert. He is the author of numerous best-selling books and has given workshops and lectures to teachers all over the United States since 2007. 

Ben has twice been recognized by the U.S. Department of State as a Fulbright Teacher Exchange Ambassador and was recognized as a South Carolina finalist for the prestigious Rockefeller Award. Ben’s students consistently won state and national awards in competitions testing listening and reading skills.

One of Ben’s students, a ninth grader with no previous background in French except as an eight grade TPRS student, passed the Advanced Placement (AP) exam in French language with a score of 4, which according to the College Board means that the candidate is “highly qualified” in French.

That score, according to Ben, is a “direct result of the vision, hard work, and leadership of the pioneers who have worked so hard to align how we teach languages with the actual research and with the Communication standard, changing proficiency outcomes for language learners everywhere.”

Ben shares:

“CI is always changing and growing, at a very rapid rate, and has become extremely confusing for some people. There is just too much random information all over the internet about CI and TPRS. People create activity after activity without thinking about how they fit together. There just doesn’t seem to be any true understanding of what CI language instruction really is.”

Ben’s Three Wishes:

  • I wish to reach teachers who are struggling to make genuine contact with the students in their classrooms.
  • I wish to do so in an understandable and clear way.
  • I wish to be part of the lightning-fast change that is occurring right now in our nation’s classrooms, a change that reflects the ancient truth about how people learn languages – with joy first and analysis second, and not the other way around.

Ben’s Mission Statement:

It is my goal to properly train and fully provide language teachers with every skill they need to be able to not only reach their students, but also to engage them in ways previously unimagined in foreign language instruction.

To contact Ben Slavic, email him at