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About Ben

Ben Slavic

Ben Slavic

Comprehensible Input and TPRS Author, Lecturer, and Teacher

Ben Slavic is a nationally recognized Comprehensible Input (CI) and TPRS expert. He is the author of numerous best-selling books and has given workshops all over the United States for almost 15 years.

Ben’s Three Wishes:

  • …to reach teachers who are struggling to make genuine contact with the students in their classrooms.
  • …to do so in an understandable and clear way, so that the CI journey be simplified from what it has become in recent years.
  • …to be part of the lightning fast change that is occurring right now in our nation’s classrooms, a change that reflects the ancient truth about how people learn languages – with joy first and analysis second, with the heart quality most predominant, and not the other way around.

Language must be made attractive and the room must be emptied of pretense. It must invite curiosity. Think of quiet evenings around a fire, soft voices, and mystery, where meaning and sound converge in happiness. It is the gentle wind of properly-done CI that blows authentic acquisition into the students’ minds, bringing real appreciation for the language, and sweetening the experience for all.