CI System – 1

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23 thoughts on “CI System – 1”

    1. Did Tina do the Fred Jones stuff in Philadelphia? Did I do the Classroom Rule #2 Waltz there? Those are the first two levels and the bail out moves (searchable here in the search bar but some of them are outdated bc of the Invisibles) are Level 3 of Classroom Management chez Tina and Ben.

      1. Ben I am sitting in the coffee place where we got those coffee cups in MSP airport experiencing a booster shot of Minnesota Nice.

        OK let’s say the Level 1 is Mental Prep of the Teacher.

        Resting as Much as Humanly Possible
        Using Our Bodies
        Using Our Vocal Range
        Power Stances
        Chimpanzee Dominance

        Level 2 – Classroom Setup and Routines.

        Meet them at the door
        Giving them tine to settle
        Hallway Smackdowns
        Opening/Closing Compliance
        Five Minutes of Complete Silence
        Starting Signals
        Turn and Talks
        Attention-Getting Kid
        Weird Class Routines and Traditions
        Birthday Clapping (the least) or Big Birthday Bonanzas (With Juneuary, Februly, and Margust for summer birthdays)
        Clapping for People
        Uncluttered Walls and Space
        Proximity to the Kids, Working the Room

        Level Three – Curriculum.

        Visually-Scaffolded, Comprehensible Curriculum
        Following the Kids’ Interests
        Strategically Choosing the Kids Your Focus On
        Back-Up Plans
        Bail-Out Moves

        1. We’ll have to talk about this. If we combine what we are both thinking we could have the makings of a real workable program of classroom management. I love the detail above. The part I would add to the above is how to help teachers learn to stop drop and roll as it were – to realize when some little hormone case is trying to start a fire in their classroom. Let’s talk about this if we have time this weekend. That book on classroom management in the CI classroom looks like it might take a few years bc of the volume so we should probably try to add in a Bite Size Book on CM to that line up first.

          1. That is not the whole system. Juts the beginning, I think it should be added before the existing levels.

          2. OK – that is going to be a complete program. You know what I like about this initiative? Nobody has ever talked, not really, about how to manage a CI classroom but w/o that piece it’s all junk.

          3. “w/o that piece it’s all junk.” It is. I may need it. I started at my school with minimal management problems and now I may venture off into other lands. I am definitely looking forward to this. One note: when TPRS is presented very rarely do we talk about the management piece. It is different in a CI classroom because the teacher is providing the input instead of having a gramar/textbook style approach where the students do the work or even a thematic approach where students do little projects and pretend to acquire. I like how Tina is so expansive and includes a variety of tactics. It can be a battlefield sometimes.

          1. It is when I have the whole class wait outside. I lock my door and enjoy the four minutes of quiet. Then I meet them in the hall and tell them What Today Will Be Like. I always apologize for my lack of leadership which got us to this point and promise much more leadership today! I do not speak with ANYONE talking at all during a Hallway Smackdown. They shut up cause they want to get in and lay their binders down. Positive peer pressure is at an all time high out there.

  1. One of the most powerful moments I’ve experienced in a workshop or conference was the final session in Portland Maine. It was the realest moment. It was a coaching session. Ben was playing the role of an ornery kid. It really hit home for me as a teacher. I am certain it propelled me to a new level in my own practice of this system. I still suck at it. And I also am doing WAY better than ever.

  2. You are one of the warriors I would go to war with, jen. Actually, metaphorically AM at war with in the schools. So many years, so much fighting and learning to accept and ramp up our games. Really, when I think of real people in our community, those of us who have stayed together through thick and thin over the years, I am so thankful for you and the strength you have brought to all of us through your absolute honesty over such a long time.

  3. Please have mercy on those of us who couldn’t attend any conference.
    I feel bewildered with all those topics of classroom management.
    For example, how do you do “power stances”? (I have thoughts on that but perhaps I’m mistaken!)

    1. It’s very hard to demonstrate in words. Maybe if you visit the Fred Jones website there would be some more information. Tina and I are very active in the classroom management piece and are developing a way of doing it that we like. But putting it into writing is just a problem. I am working on video over writing now.

          1. Thanks Tina, this helps a lot!!!

            Being mainly an elemetary and middle school teacher from year 1 through six, I don’t teach these kind of tough and armoured high school kids.
            I believe now, after watching Gordon Neufeld on attachment, that quite a few kids are peer oriented and need a caring and loving adult to learn how to truely interact with adults. We must build the biggest part of this bridge and they need to realize we won’t let them go until they are ready to be more and more their own person, so that they hopefully can develop their full individual potential.

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