Sculpting One Word Images – 3

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8 thoughts on “Sculpting One Word Images – 3”

  1. Steven, can you talk me through the questions that led to the contrasting quality? I’m shooting blind here, having never actually done a lot of OWI nor have I been part of the creation so it still feels uncertain and 2-dimensional for me. I assume if I just keep doing it, the kids will offer up something. I’m trying to mostly observe the group and track the “juice.”

    That said I could use a bit more “play by play” on how you got those details. Thanks 🙂

  2. Thanks jen for reaching out. There is the owi template which goes something like this

    1. Get object from students
    2. Pick object. I like funky food, objects sometimes animals.
    3. Do size. Big or small. You can expand later
    4. Intelligence or beauty
    5. After 4 something happened. I told myself, huh this thingsis too positive or too much of a downer. So I asked students give me a quality. IfI want positive, I asked for a redeeming one. If the thing is super smart, I ask for a weakness or fault. I said “everyone has faults”.

    This is when I came up with the green frying pan who is super smart but gets mad all the time. Or the cookie who crumbles under pressure.

    I am going to try to delay the name as much as possible with my level two. They get so
    squirrely. My level ones are able to sustain focus for 45 mins!

      1. Yeah, I said it in L1 because I felt that soo many of our students at my site can relate. There is so much pressure. More and more I feel that my classroom is a safe haven for kids.

        Tina, you’re always picking out the best details. You should write a book called “the specks of gold” something to that effect.

        I have a student who takes notes of everything even though I said that it wasn’t needed. Sh’es motivated. I should tell her that it is fine. She can put it away. Is there any evidence that writing or note taking improves acquisition? It probably impedes it.

        1. Yeah, I think the note taking gets in the way much of the time. I would try to wean her off it. We see how students use their notebooks to escape from the class.

        2. It may be a personal need she has. I always takes notes when listening to things. Maybe it keeps her mind from wandering. Maybe it is a distraction. If she is staying on task, it may be beneficial. She may come to the conclusion that it is not necessary. If she does, then it will be her decision. But I am just thinking on paper because I follow the “nothing on the desks” rule in my classes (although, if someone starts writing words from the board I tend to overlook it).

          1. Sean got the answer in a few seconds ahead of me. Follow his advice. That is an important question: Is the notebook creating an escape? And notice gentle way he approaches it: wean her off it.

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