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Chris asked about sharing some unfinalized scripts with the group in response to a general call by me for more materials to replace or supplement what we have already in the TPRS world.

In that regard, I feel that there is now going to be a great surge of quality materials out there for some reason. It’s just a feeling, maybe related to the fact that the old materials have served well, in some cases for over a decade, but I just see people getting ready to create new stuff.

In that interest, I am suggesting that we create here a kind of  publishing Craig’s list devoted to new TPRS/CI materials. When Robert published the first chapter of Nordseepirats here and people saw how it pretty much rocks the house, Martin and Brigitte and I think Johnna went into instant collaboration with Robert, doing editing and translating and such.

I see no reason why Nordseepirats, a level 2 German reader, shouldn’t become available to us in French (Martin) and other languages. If it’s good, we want it. We should work that way, networking off the blog on our own version of Craig’s list, but with me posting new stuff to call attention to its existence.

So I’m making a category for that and then when people have something that they want to buy or sell in terms of authorship, editing, translating, even publishing they just send it to me via email. I will tag it as something for Ben’s list, and people can network within the group as they wish.

It is very important to note that we are dealing in that instance with remuneration of people’s time and talent, which must always be negotiated. There is no reason that some of the stuff we produce here in collaboration with each other couldn’t become important to others beyond our small group.



8 thoughts on “Ben’s List”

  1. I am just saying–Craig’s List is the sponsorship of someone already out there. Can we call this list something different as we are talking about negotiating intellectual copyrights? We could call it a collaboration board–or . . . but Craig’s List actually steps on someone’s toes perhaps.

    She’s back–

  2. Just saying . . . I don’t care either I just think the new site is fabulous and don’t want you to get any flak (so I gave you a little–oops). Congratulations on another huge project rolling!

  3. I agree that Craig’s List is not yet generic, and we should be concerned about copyright – not just because of legal considerations but also ethical ones.

    So let’s call it what it is: Ben’s List.

  4. Oh I like that Robert. Good. I’ll make the change. However, we need to actually use it now. I know/hope that you and Brigitte and Martin and Johnna are moving on down the road to stuff we can all use for real.

    And then with other potential authors/translators/editors, etc. we need to make sure that the list is actually used here in an active way. We need to take advantage of the opportunity that we have here, with the talent represented here, with us talking to each other every day. It’s a big advantage.

    Somebody has to create new materials, esp. novels, and it just may be us (power of one). I am also bugging Anne to create a brand new book, actually a curriculum (that got started when we in DPS worked with Beniko Mason, if you remember). How cool would a yearly curriculm of Matava stories be for those of us who have used both her current script books?

  5. I’m working on a small book for adult learners on weather and gardens. They are the conversations often shared in the rural areas of Native America. I find translating children’s books that are from another writer’s culture isn’t very effective for the kind of learning we have to capture. So, I am working with what the Elders say about weather and gardens, vocabulary, and stories that are within our tradition. But, I am still in the gather and organize mode. It will be awhile.

  6. I’d like to see some more super simple scripts like the “Fight” script that Ben has given us. Of the 5 classes I teach, 4 of those are 9-week Exploratory classes. I’m not able to do the Circling with Balls/Cards that long. I’ve found a lot of scripts to be really complex though for students that have only been in class for a few weeks. “Fight” is an extremely simple script, generates awesome PQA and the story doesn’t require many new words. The scripts that Jim and Anne have given us are great but I would like to see some “Super Simple Beginner Scripts”.

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