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A New Dell!

I cannot possibly express how weird these past few days have been to start the summer. I may not be employed next year.  And yes it has to do with perceptions of TPRS and a heavy helping of ignorance. Then my computer crashed. Then Dick Cheney said that about Paul Ryan.

But I got a new Dell! It’s fast. I still love the idea that my old slow computer was so in touch with me that it knew the deal and crashed the day after my career finished. So thanks to it for such great  years of service with not much ram and thank you also for your patience over the past few days.
I have been flooded by thoughts about what we are all continuing to go through as we try to base our teaching on comprehension methods. If I am experiencing weirdness and opposition, then some of y’all must be as well. But we need to get to  our real work here of getting better at comprehension based instruction.
Blog posts over the next few weeks will address:
1. Taking stock of the overall picture of how CI instruction fits or doesn’t fit into a rigid system that is dominated by “deliverers-of-instructional-services”. We need to address how we, not they, can set the tone for our lives professionally.

2. Bryce sent some stuff and so did Michele that we will all find interesting. I will try to put that up right away later today after I meet with Diana Noonan and the rest of our Denver Public Schools TCI team today.

3. We must see the discussion with Robert about assessment through to its logical end so that we can have some kind of final document that hopefully we can use to hold the kids accountable in more than just merely academic ways next year, since what we do is not really an academic activity.

4. We want to keep contact with the Native American thread, which in its overall content and potential on a human level reflects and supports much of what we must strive for in our use of comprehensible input.

5. After we have had a time to rest a bit we can start discussing the specifics of starting the year next year. Starting the year is a big topic. Most specifically we need to discuss limiting our use of English in our classrooms, as well as classroom management.
So, look for blogs on those and other topics as we move into the summer. Please advise about quantity and length of blog posts, as I requested earlier. With all blessings and hugs to those still slugging it out in their classrooms trying to end up this year, unnaturally, in June.

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