Word Chunk Team Game – Explanation of the Process

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8 thoughts on “Word Chunk Team Game – Explanation of the Process”

  1. Annemarie Orth

    I have been using the word chunk game for years and it is always a hit. I like this addition of more then 2 people and that they all have to put their heads together. I also like using a target and scoring among teams to increase interest. I have such a hard time keeping track of scores between classes and such throughout the year. But the addition of a basketball net or a target is brilliant to increase fun and lower the affective filter!

  2. Annemarie a few other points on the Word Chunk Team Game:

    1. Remember to pick the kids with the worst attitudes as judges – to bring them into the web of connectedness in the community. That is the real purpose of the game.
    2. The scorer takes care of all scoring. They count whether a group gets a point for a correct answer, they keep tabs of all the points in the Scorers Book, and so you need do nothing re: scores.
    3. I have added a new thing – put a running tab of the top team’s score in each class on a poster so the different classes can compare each other, as they do with the Gallery.

    But who cares about the points? It’s not important because by the end of the year the kids don’t come up to us and ask for a pizza party because we never promised one.

  3. Happy Word Chunk Team Game day everyone! (aka Friday)

    I tell you this year my schedule is really crazy in our rotation schedule (it’s like block but it’s 70 minutes) on the first day of the rotation. I teach 3 70 minute classes (2 of the classes with the “studies” kids in a row) in a row on the first day of the rotation. Tomorrow (Friday) happens to be one of those long days .

    I seriously don’t know where I would be this year without the Word Chunk Team Game.

    We have large class sizes this year and a lot of extra projects being thrown at us this year by the school. We have two new hires who are overwhelmed. I made sure I got them trained on Word Chunk Team game. I even sent 2 of my judges (the students) to my colleague’s class to help her set it up.

    This seriously has the potential to prevent nervous breakdowns and stuff, LOL.

  4. I’m not sure I understand what purpose throwing the ball at a basket/target has? Do the teams earn more points that way? Is it just supposed to be a fun physical activity added in?

    Also, what kind of prizes do you give at the end. Unfortunately, my kids would definitely be the ones asking for a pizza party even if it wasn’t promised!

  5. Once a team gets enough points, they earn the right to throw the ball at the target and amass actual points. So the purpose of all the questions is to get the team to the line to get those points into the scorer’s book and yes that is a fun physical activity.

    So the scorer keeps a record of the tally of points earned at the ball throwing stage, not during the earlier stages leading up to the ball throwing. Before the ball throwing stage, the points are not written down.

    I actually had an arcade basketball thing in one school built in 1924 with really high ceilings. So much fun.

    Like Whose Line? on T.V. – the points don’t matter, but the kids don’t know that. By the end of the year, the year ends so fast – exams come and gone – that not once in 15 years of doing this game did I ever have to give out a prize. Never promised anything; never had to deliver. It’s because it’s not the highest score in the class but out of all my French sections so they have no way of keeping up with what team in what class is ahead. And they forget anyway, since they are in exams by then and NEVER have I been challenged.

    It’s one of those games you just have to see demonstrated. And I have met a lot of teachers who made really great twists on my original idea. So the rule that there are no rules holds even with this game.

    I will say that this game has been one of the great additions to my teaching over the years, right up there w Card Talk and the One Word Images and the Invisibles and the Star Sequence and those other heavy hitters.

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