WCTG Adaptation

Steven has some nice riffs on the game. I really like #s 1 and 5:
1) After I am done saying my sentence, I count down 3,2,1,0 then ALL members of a group have to raise their hands. This is the huddle time and ALL students have to share out the answer.
2) I say that students have to “RESPECT the job” of the student who is choosing groups and deciding if a team was synchronized with their gesture.
3) I have my judges get all teams on the board–or at least the opportunity to answer. I say “let’s get these other teams on the board” I don’t care if the students hear me say it.
4) I say this game is a game of cooperation not competition.
5) I may assign groups because many times in my school the competitive kids get together and the slower processors get together and it can get hopeless for others.



8 thoughts on “WCTG Adaptation”

  1. Steven, I’m so glad you shared these modifications. I haven’t done WCTG precisely because there is a competitive element to it. At least half the the class will check out after they realize they can’t answer as fast as others. That said, everyone loves to play trashketball as the reward.
    Perhaps I won’t even take score. Each round will be like just another opportunity to get to shoot paper balls in the trash can. Assigning groups, as well… I should do that. And your #1. That’s great.
    But, I think if I assign groups and make the sentences to translate easy enough, then every student should have a chance to participate. Every student should have a chance to perform the movement and sound of their group. I love seeing them do that!

  2. Sean what I do is whisper to the judge in charge of seeing which group has their hand up first to call on a slower group if the slower group is in the ballpark with the rapidity of their response. The fastest group can also be said by the judge to have not put their heads together long enough or something. What makes this honor the slower groups and make them want to play and not tune out is that the decision of the judge is final. It is fun to see aggressive and competitive kids overruled by a judge. I have seen kids who became judges turn completely around in the class in general when given that power.

  3. I’m seeking advice with WCTG. I have some classes that are rocking this game, but I have one that is making it not fun, even for me. The judges aren’t doing their jobs well. My gestures judge is not being strict or saying no to anyone, even when I’ve encouraged them to do so. I don’t want to overrule them in front of the class since I’m trying to empower them and build confidence, but they’re just not doing their job. Has anyone had to fire a judge?
    Also, I have students trying to point and instruct my hand raising judge since he is often slow at deciding which hands he saw first. Again, I’d like any advice on how to help support these judges so that this is actually a fun and enjoyable activity! Thanks

  4. ALL jobs are subject to performance evaluation, just as in real life. I’ve fired judges, yes. You can solve the problem by firing those two judges and taking over yourself.
    Concerned about hurting their feelings? Don’t be. Tell them they can re-apply and that it is your fault that you didn’t make their responsibilities clear. Then model what you want by being a judge yourself.
    There is a trick where in any firing scenario you make it lighthearted. I am an expert at this. While I’m smiling, I’m thinking how I will not let a teenage hormone case (who is years away from having a fully formed brain even though they are physically sometimes the size of adults) ruin my intense efforts to make this job work for me.

  5. Kristy, try firing the judges. It doesn’t have to be a drawn out deal. Just let them go and tell them, and the class why, like Ben says, lightheartedly. Then bring up someone who has some interest in being the judge. Don’t shy away from letting a difficult student be your judge. They might surprise you. They’ve surprised me.

  6. The difficult students are that way bc they don’t have jobs. Lots of them are kinesthetic learners. Bless their hearts. They won’t tell us, but each week they will be anxiously waiting for Friday Game Day and their performance in class will improve.

  7. I’ll look around. Everything that I have done/tried to record on videotape has not been very clear bc of the complexity of the process. Once a class has it down, it’s like a smooth running engine, but the set up is clunky. Videotape is really clunky, honestly. I’ll see what I can find.

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