Three Jobs

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7 thoughts on “Three Jobs”

  1. As I sit here in my building waiting for my students to start year my 37th (half time again) year in this profession, I have only one thing on my mind. Simplicity. John Piazza and I both are rocking that topic this year – we don’t even have to talk about it; he knows I’m doing it and I know he’s doing it – and if you want to join us please do so. Hosler is in, I know, as well.

    Look – between the two tasks we have each day mentioned above of teaching our kids and getting better at what we do, what time does that leave for the third one of all the paperwork demanded of us? This third one is a tremendous psychic drain on the spontaneity of our teaching.

    I’m not saying don’t do it, although Annick Chen and I just had a great talk about doing just that this year in our building, but we do have to find ways around it. The admins don’t deserve our energy, the kids do, and if there isn’t enough psychic energy to go around, and there isn’t, we extend ourselves in favor of the kids. Shield yourself psychically from the third.

    It’s crazy how complex we can make this work. All you do is talk to them or read with them, you stay SLOW – so slow it is painful – and then at other times you read with them and stay in bounds and process in L2, and boom all of a sudden you can handle the insane demands of one of the hardest professions on earth. Piece of cake, what?

    1. Today in my first levels we just focused on one structure, amat, “loves/likes”, for the whole class. She likes to dance. He likes to eat. We added in “where?” and “with whom?” I teach on block, by the way. So that’s for an hour and a half. Just that one word. They frickin’ acquired it.

  2. I was just setting up my room and I found wall space for a question word poster that I used to take on and off the board. I am going for a no clutter look this year. Simplicity in word lists too – I watched how few Russian words Katya Paukova put up at NTPRS – working on my cognate list. With 4 preps, simplicity is not just a virtue, it’s necessity. Thirty kids in level 3 too! I love this topic!

  3. I was in my room today, trying to move from my room to the room next door. It’s a mess! and I just found out yesterday that I will have just one hour for room set up over the next two days (guess I’m going in on Friday too!) But, as I was emptying STACKS of paper out of the cabinet and out of file drawers, I wondered, “Why the hell do I need this?” and decided to box it up and put into storage to go through one box at a time during my preps (because I will NOT have tons of papers and projects to grade during my preps anymore!!!!) I re-read the letter that I am sending home to parents, and it reminded of how simple it is -REALLY!!!- to teach this way!!! LESS is more. Amen!
    (But I want word walls – have to figure that out still!)
    Oh yeah, and Ben — I keep remembering that picture of the EMPTY desk that you posted two years or so ago — I forget whose desk that was, but I want mine to look like that this year!!!

  4. I want a word wall, too, so badly. But being in three separate rooms each day and none of them German/French rooms, I have absolutely no wall space whatsoever. I wrangled the space right below the ceiling for the questions words but those have to come down if there ever is a fire inspection. I have my jGR blown up and laminated, which I carry with me from room to room and attach to the whiteboard with magnets. So I don’t have much board space either – which in a way is good, I won’t be tempted to add too many additional words. So, simplicity is not really a choice for me but an absolute necessity. How do any of you in a similar situation handle this?

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