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A teacher has expanded the Star Sequence – thought I’d share. It’s not a linear conceptualization of this work, but spatial. This means everything to me because the attempt to make what is an essentially spatial way of teaching (CI) into a linear process that can be followed almost like a textbook has been – in my opinion – a confusing thing for teachers trying to learn CI for the past 25 years. Of course, those who are studying and implementing the Natural Approach in the fall know that the base concept of the image below, the five points of the star, is pure gold. It  is what works for me and Tina. Now Marianne Van Klaveren (Netherlands) has expanded on it beautifully. Each teacher could make one of these depicting their own relationship with their own work using non-targeted CI, naming each strategy that THEY prefer at each point of their progression through the star, just as Marianne has. I have permission to reproduce what she did with it here. Note that the applications of each section of the Star only represent strategies invented by Hargaden/Slavic and Martina Bex.



8 thoughts on “Star Expanded”

  1. Alisa Shapiro-Rosenberg

    I LOVE THIS POSTER! If there is an electronic version of this (a document, not a photo), I would love to see/have it. I think it’s an excellent teacher visual and training resource!
    I would create the document but I can’t read it completely clearly, and don’t recognize all the activity names. Perhaps it would come with an explanation of all the activs and ‘games’?

  2. The stuff on that poster that you don’t recognize, Alisa, is from Martina Bex. We are having a graphic artist in Portland make it look nice. Should be done in a few weeks. I think it is an astounding visual representation of a S/S or whatever anyone wants to call it. A PLAN – but not a linear one but a spatial one. The Star is inspired.

  3. One question Alisa should we have the artist take out all the Bex stuff and just do what is germane to and emerging from the Natural Approach/Invisibles? I’m feeling the latter choice. But a lot of teachers are followers of Martina. Don’t know which is better.

  4. I love the simplicity of your unadulterated star, Ben, but I think it’s incredibly practical to have the options Marianne listed on her poster, because as we all know, with so many balls in the air at once we Ts sometimes forget all the many and novel ways we can deliver NT/CI.
    Perhaps you comb through your ROA and insure that all of those are also accounted for on the graphic, plus your bailout moves, etc., such that graphically there’s the central star/cycle, and then a separate poster/visual for each of the elements ( Create – Review – Write – Read – Extend), replete with ‘activity’ examples. I think sorting and creating this set of graphics also helps gel in teachers’ minds how much front loading of oral language must and can readily occur… and again makes the whole NT delivery system more accessible & inviting….
    We regulars on the PLC may have an understanding of the order of instruction but the 5 main spokes are so crucial. In Hebrew, for example, we are trying to shift the prevailing assumption that we start with a written text! Even young beginners who are just learning the Hebrew letter to sound correspondence are, in a traditional setting, asked to read nonsense words n such right away, before they have any meaning in their heads…! OY!

  5. Yes you are right Alisa. I will do this when Tina and I are in Kentucky next week and we will hold off on publication of the poster. It’ll be a BIG poster, but if I were still teaching, the poster – along w the book – would be by my side all year. What a way to settle into each day! Just “Look at the Star and See Where You Rre” with each class….

  6. Great poster, great comments – as usual!
    I’m looking forward to the BIG poster bc I can’t read all the details clearly.
    Even though I’m not commenting as much as I used to, this PLC is an everlasting source of motivation and ideas for me.

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