Report from the Field – Jen S.

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9 thoughts on “Report from the Field – Jen S.”

  1. Hey all,

    1) I am mortified at my typos: “me llamO” and students’ (with apostrophe). iPad typing is bad…

    2) I am from Hackettstown, New Jersey. Northwest of the state.

    3) In regard to my grading question, I have since become very interested in know how to make jen’s Great Rubric fit into the categories I’ve been given. Admin seems flexible. They just told me I need not worry about passing out books, I’m not “married to the text book” (their words) and as long as I teach the curriculum it’s A-Ok with them. Therefore, I’m comfortable enough to assume that I do not need to name the grade categories I’ve been given simply Assessments and Homework/Participation. I also know I can break up those categories into smaller percentages how I’d like.

    I’ve been posting these grade questions all over because I don’t feel I’m complete until I have a sure-fire way to explain how I grade my kids. I feel I cannot give a listening quiz if I don’t have my online grade portal setup and have no place to enter that grade so the kids can see how their listening counts. You know?

    I suspect Ben strung up my post because he noticed. (lol or maybe not….on top of anxiety I am also paranoid…)

    4) I side with chris who is the one, I believe, that said we need Bios. Come on, people! I have my reasons.

  2. I think if you wanted to, you could use the 15% participation as the interpersonal mode and use the rubrics from this site. Then the 85% assessments could be the interpretive mode quizzes and final test that you give. Does the 85% have to be all summative or is it a combination of formative and summative?

    I have 10% presentative mode in my grade because we do retells in speaking and free writing in my classes.

  3. At my school we also have mandated percentages for grades. It is set for total points in each category, so I just adjust the points given to make something count more or less within a category.

    For example Spanish 1 is doing more writing than speaking so anything they write would be out of more total points (I don’t grade for grammar, punct, etc.–just turning it in usually gets the total points) than another activity within an assessment category. That would automatically give it more weight within a category.

    That way you can emphasize your priorities by how many total points there are. For example, I give a daily participation grade that is recorded as a total for each week as a quiz grade. Since part of the rubric (thanks to this group) includes Blurting/Unsolicited Comments, it is amazing how much self-control the problem folks are beginning to exert. Even one young man whose mom repeatedly told me in 3 emails this week “he has ADHD and his brain won’t allow him to listen like you want him to”.

    Hope the total point value thing makes sense.

    1. Tell that mom that your class is oh so different from other classes and that he should be able to pay attention, despite the ADHD. Here’s a snippet from an article I read about ADHD:

      Paul Wender, M.D., a 30-year veteran ADHD researcher, relates ADHD to interest-based performance. As long as persons with ADHD were interested in or challenged by what they were doing, they did not demonstrate symptoms of the disorder. (This phenomenon is called hyperfocus by some, and is often considered to be an ADHD pattern.) If, on the other hand, an individual with ADHD loses interest in an activity, his nervous system disengages, in search of something more interesting. Sometimes this disengagement is so abrupt as to induce sudden extreme drowsiness, even to the point of falling asleep.

      We need to keep them interested. That’s the great thing about TPRS. We personalize it and encourage students to “lie” (cute answers). It’s interesting!

    2. Ardythe,

      Yes. Our categories are set to Total Points also and I’m not sure what it means for the grades. I also found out by my admin that I’m welcome to break down the percentages how I’d like and if I wanted to make jGR 50% of their grade, it’s fine by them.

      So, how do you think I should set up the grade portal?

  4. Don’t know if other people have this problem, but the young man is in my last class of the day and this is golf season. They miss two to three days a week and either all of my class or most of the class. The rest of the class is totally into the Nuevo Houdini story (we are doing silent theater now with different students narrating the over the top action) anyway, he has missed so much that he has no clue what the story line is and is chomping at the bit to leave, squeezes his water bottle to make crackling noises, and asks for the time every 15 seconds, instead of trying to get what he can out of what is going on while he is there. But in his defense, he feels left out because the others know what is going on, so he tries to get attention to salve his esteem issue.

    When he is in class, because he is lost, he loses points trying to get attention and derail the fun others are having without him. So currently he is ineligible for golf, but still on the team. So mom is blaming the ADHD for his loss of points. But I understand why he is acting the way he is. Dad used to be on school board, mom works at elementary school in our district, her emails carbon more people than my Christmas card list.

    But I appreciate this group very much, because I know there are folks dealing with much tougher situations. So when I see those emails pop up, I just think of what Chris and some others are going through and it lowers the blood pressure.
    And that is also why we need bios, because we cannot just vent anywhere!

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