Kate Taluga

I got this from a Native American teacher of Creek language in Florida – Kate Taluga – who is a member of our group. 
“I’d like to suggest a book you may be interested in reading. Heartmath! I avoided it on my shelf for years because of that word math – but the actual premise is that our heart sends off an incredible amount of energy to our students and that communication begins there. When our heart is calm, students read it. That energy aligns with the truth of what we are saying versus us saying something but really feeling something else. When heart is aligned with mind and voice, the learning is increased tremendously because students can trust us. They know we have their best interest at our hearts and they are WILLING to take in the information we are giving.”
There are many related links to this idea on this blog. Here are a few:



4 thoughts on “Kate Taluga”

  1. Of course this is a good place to repeat what Mosiah Bluecloud of the Sauk Nation said here a few weeks ago:
    In a nutshell, the way I was taught to behave towards others is making its way into my teaching. It makes each individual person feel different feelings but each feeling I believe to be positive. I understand that each student has a mother and father and grandparent or SOMEBODY out there that loves and cares for them. I teach them as though the one that loves and cares for them is watching me teach them. Also I teach them as I would want somebody to teach ME. I teach them as I would want somebody to teach MY future children. I teach them as I wish somebody could have taught my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather. I imagine my mother who I love and respect very much sitting and being taught. I teach how I would want somebody to teach her. With respect, Kindness, and love.

  2. Kate Laurie’s sessions are always among the best. She and Michele Whaley (Alaska) keep coming up with new things. Wait till you meet them. That’s an entire conference unto itself. Find links to their blogs and other TPRS/CI blogs in the lower right hand column here.

  3. Laurie –
    I did check out your blog. Whew! I am looking forward to meeting another soul sister in this universe.
    I am very new to TPRS and there is a world to learn. I am not even fluent in my target language but the little I picked up over the past few years at the Inter-tribal language conference and working with my Master speakers inspired me to offer Mvskoke in my after school program. I had 12 students k-8. We couldn’t use written language because several children were kindergartners. I didn’t want to confuse their budding reading skills with new sounds for the same letters (English certainly can be confusing enough on it’s own). But we had a great time hopping, skipping, playing number games etc. as we built vocabulary. and of course that was great practice for me.
    I am so looking forward to an immersion with seasoned TPRS teachers to build my own teaching skills. And the philosophy that Ben has of students first, ALL the students has impressed me. It is mine. Lead with your heart and the head will figure out the way.

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