A Positive Use of Technology – Voice Amplification

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11 thoughts on “A Positive Use of Technology – Voice Amplification”

  1. This is used at my old school a lot. Everyone else complained that they “had” to use it, and I was the first one in line “wanting” to use it. It was an obvious win/win for a FL class. Who were the only teachers on the team to NOT get one? The FL teacher, me and the music teacher. It was deemed more important in other classes–too expensive to get me one for my six classes. I still cringe at how admins don’t “get it”. I agree with all of your points–all.

  2. I don’t think so. Two different functions. One to amplify and clarify the sound coming into the camera and the other simply to be projected around the room as explained by John. Annick Chen uses one from time to time. Kind of cool.

  3. Thanks for posting this John. I’ve tried to get my district to look into piloting this before and volunteered to use it – no luck yet. But our rooms already have the sound system built in – all I need is the wireless mike and receiver – doesn’t seem to me that would be very expensive – maybe 300 dollars when I researched it a little a couple years ago. Could you tell me the brand you use, (especially if you like it)?

    Ok, one last question – maybe not a major concern in the big picture of this topic, but does the mike look cool or dorky? Some of the systems I looked at were cool… some not. But, I figure if I have to stand in front of kids all day long – I want to look as cool as possible, right? So that’s kind of a joke, but I’m also serious about it… cool or dorky?

  4. Skip, this system can be used as the audio part of an A/V system in a classroom. My classroom already had a mac and SMART board, and now this system serves as the speakers for that computer. The box has at least two inputs, in addition to the wireless mic.

    David, the mics aren’t the coolest thing around, but they are not very noticeable. The model our school uses is the Front Row Digital Pro. Here’s what it looks like.


    I don’t know how ours measures up with the others, but so far it has worked fairly well, with few technical problems that aren’t due to human error.

  5. I was one of those who complained about the cost, the impracticality yadayadayada…but I was totally wrong.

    The only drawback is that EVERYTHING you say is broadcast, so in order to whisper something to a student, pull a student aside and have a little chat, or in some cases, even go out in to the hall…you have turn click the off button on the mike…or the entire world will hear your conversation.

    Other than that, and that does take getting used to (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) it is an amazing device. It’s been wonderful.

    with love,

  6. We are in line to get those next semester. And smart boards, and student handheld devices to have them do quick formative assessments. Our superintendent says its startling how the teacher sounds like the voice of god just by amplifying the voice. I’m glad to hear you guys are using them with success.
    The student clickers sound cool too.
    I remember the days of hold up 10 fingers if you understood 100% going away. I see this handheld device tool part of a formative assessment grade.
    To students:
    “Your job is to understand 100% of what I say… You will take a quick quiz in 2 minutes.” Then circle the hell out of something.

  7. Our school is piloting the clickers, and I haven’t tried them yet. But I do see a lot of potential in getting a lot of discrete student feedback. Especially if there is a way for them to press a “help” button when they really aren’t getting it. No matter how much we norm a class, there may always be a stigma attached to admitting you don’t understand. This way, you can either stop right away, or you can take stock after class of how many student “help” clicks you got in a period, and who it was. One more idea: what if we could use them as word counters?

    This thread is an important example of CI teachers thinking about how technology can help them, not the other way around.

    1. I want to use them next time I am having dinner and enjoying a nice conversation with friends. I can click in from time to time and they can click back. Or not. I don’t know. I’ll think about it.

  8. Didn’t we discuss something recently about how CI is both teacher-centered and student-centered?

    John, you need to get your hands on a set of those clickers and see what they can do. I’m so curious if it’s actually a useful piece of technology.
    We saw a demo of what they can do–but very briefly. I guess it could be a quick quiz type thing: “Push A if you understood. Push B if you don’t.”

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