Report from the Field – Annemarie Orth

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10 thoughts on “Report from the Field – Annemarie Orth”

    1. Oh, and great to hear of your successes, Annemarie. Sounds like you’ve seen the mountain top, sorta speak. And if you continue to see the mountaintop in the month of April, that is really something.

  1. Great to hear this good news from you, Annemarie! You just keep gaining strength and skill in your teaching, and your positivity is always inspiring. And I’ve always loved that Marge Piercy poem…thanks for sharing.

  2. If you are up for it, tell us more about what you are doing in your classroom! What strategies are your favorites? What’s your scope and sequence, if you have one? What are your loquacious 8th graders talking about?

    1. Annemarie Orth

      Hi Angie!
      Stories are still my favorite!! I suppose there are specific strategies I use within the stories but not much that I’ve come up with myself. Lots of chanting, repeating the chanting, gestures, singing, laughing at my mistakes, laughing with students when they add a great detail, 3 ring circus, 4 ring circus, then leading into mini stories. I used Luis Pescetti’s “se hace de noche” for an entire week in all 6 of my classes, and we SITLL reference it, often. Lots with de repente, cuando llega, otra vez and de nuevo (Joe Nielson), cámara lenta with the Chariots of Fire music on my iPhone. I keep track of structures I do with my students on word walls and I have various ways I review these word walls in order to recycle vocabulary (there’s a class ‘gesturer’ involved and wait time as wwell.)
      My 6th graders this year have been surprisingly tough to win over-but there was an amazing breakthrough I had (and I filmed it!) a few months ago. Wasn’t even a story. I took the Sr. Wooly song “Me duele” and had my students simply listen to it and made sure they understood all the lyrics. Then I invited them to come to the front of the class with a silly hat or scarf and lip synch to it. A student who had barely smiled or participated in my class actually volunteered to come up the 3rd time and lip synched like a pro. I just watched and smiled.

      I don’t have a beautifully laid out scope and sequence like Claire’s (or was it someone else’s?) But I have 6 or so learning targets on my board that I’ve tweaked over and over that I’d be happy to share with you. When I start a class I let them know which target we’re working on for they day (They are connected to the 3 modes.)

      I’ve been doing more Movie Talk with my 8th graders-with the video Alma and the VW commercial. They are just so compelling… I movie talk it with them and then I have them narrate the video to their partner who is NOT facing the video. The goal is to explain what is going on…I realize this a bit of output but they seem to really dig it and it’s their 3rd year with me. Something new I’ve done this year is to brainstorm with all of my classes what it looks like when you work with a partner or retell with them-how do you let your partner know you’re listening and understanding? Every time they work in pairs to review gestures or do a retell I make them turn to each other, say hello how are you in the most polite way possible, and I make them smile at each other. And the amazing thing is that they do it!!!! There was definitely resistance at first but now they will do it without me even telling them. I have to admit I have them do a lot of self-assessing…it’s part of my school culture -I like my students’ awareness of their behavior and effort in my class as shown in their self-reflections using a version of the jGR which I use after every story.

      Sorry if this was a bit much here…happy to have more of an email correspondence with you Angie as well!

        1. Annemarie, I just spent 30+ minutes watching Luis Pescetti. So much material. Only 180 days. Thanks. Do you have the students listen to the entire you-tube with Luis’ high speed chatter, or do you go straight to the song?

          (Say hi to the great CI folks from your school, por favor)

          1. Annemarie Orth

            Hi Nate,
            I did a ton with this…I actually first taught the story to students and they came up with gestures which I use with my next 5 classes. I did the “split the room up into 2” and had them opening the door and out comes a…whatever they come up with. We turned it into a mini story. Then I showed them the story, then drew pictures with the phrases…THEN I showed Luis Pescetti performing it. And I tried to have them understand his little joke-I retold it to them slowly. The guy is brilliant! Let me know if you want any more info!

  3. This poem is touching. I love it. Thank you for sharing Annemarie. It is very meaningful for me right now and it will help me a lot. Poems are like that, they can be carried around in the pockets of your mind like lucky stones you pick up along the beach, and held in the palm of your hand in times of troubles, and rubbed and polished with your touch.

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