Kaela Crouch

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10 thoughts on “Kaela Crouch”

  1. Steven Ordiano

    Welcome Kaela,

    It must be awesome to observe some of the masters at work. Currently, it is my first year teaching AND teaching with CI/TPRS and I have a lot to grow still. This blog is awesome with both the primers at the top of the page as well as videos of Ben showing us the target-less TPRS. There are also so many strategies here.

    I would suggest doing a video where all of us can comment. It seems really easy on an Ipad.

  2. Welcome Kaela,

    How wonderful that you found this place. It is pure magic, you will see!!! Wishing you all the best as you embark on this wonderful career. And know that you will always find open ears, minds, and hearts on this blog.

  3. Great “seeing” you here Kaela! As I mentioned on the MN FB page, you’re certainly welcome to come down here and visit anytime (and that offer is on the table for anyone on this PLC as well). Perhaps it will end up being an instructive lesson on how you DON’T want to teach. 😉

    Enjoy digging up gold here, on the surface and also buried under years of intense discussions about our missions.

    1. So everybody knows, Jim is up in that corner of Iowa next to MN and actually works in MN.

      To share personally, I met Jim who drove out to Denver quite a number of years ago for a summer TPRS conference. I was struck by how genuine he is. And he has the integrity, personally and professionally, of a Robert Harrell and that is saying something. That’s my big word for Jim – Integrity. Like my big word for Laurie is Love and my big word for jen is Sincerity and my big word for Angie is Power.

      So if you are in that area, and Kaela I can’t recommend that you do this enough because Jim is a super rock star in this work, do get down there. Just take him up on his offer, anybody in that area. You’ll be glad you did. I love the idea that we are starting to connect regionally. It has been a dream of mine for years.

  4. Thank you all for your kind words of support and well wishes! I am finding and exploring more and more on hear everyday and it is also great to see/hear from so many supportive fellow teachers!

  5. Yea for Kaela! What enthusiasm! The young people get it! It speaks to what we’ve all shared before that if you have the opportunity to talk with/present to methods classes you should do it!

    She’ll be coming into my class soon. Can’t wait to get a real Minnesota CI Get-Together happening!

    1. “The young people”–you said that like you’re Grandpa Grant, but you can’t be older than me; seriously, you’re making me feel old.

      Maybe you just seem young from your laid-back, cool teaching style.

  6. “… that is where I first learned of Grant Boulanger as he was awarded teacher of the year and his blog, which really got me researching TPRS/CI more seriously! ”

    My personal hero, Clara Lee Brown, introduced me to CI methods including TPRS when I was pre-service in 2006 (you were probably in elementary school-yikes, I’m old). I know that star-struck feeling of seeing authentic CI methods for the first time and meeting the heroes that champion them. It’s amazing up here-standing on the shoulders of giants from the beginning of your career. We’ll (almost) never have to struggle with the feelings of doubt or being a phony. We’re the lucky ones.

    Thank you Grant, Ben, and Dr. Brown (in absentia) for saving us from years of textbook/grammar-drill heartache.

  7. Those of you in the Midwest might be happy to hear that Iowa is hosting a CI conference of which Grant will be keynoting, sometime in the middle of June.

    I’ll be in Costa Rica but would surely be there, if it weren’t for my opportunity to leave the country, for the first time in a decade!

    Congrats Grant… you’re really showing people how it can be done, and why it needs to be done!

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