Greg – Workshop Session

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12 thoughts on “Greg – Workshop Session”

  1. Alisa Shapiro-Rosenberg

    Greg this is a whole new branch of resources, materials and some practices (no?) – any details are greatly appreciated either before or after! Thanks in advance for representing The Cause!

  2. I am going to record it and will be posting to the blog. Basically what I have started doing is giving the kids the options of either Free Choice Reading (I do 10-15 minutes a class) or watching Storylistening videos on the Dreaming Spanish Youtube Channel for 10 minutes. I follow it up with PQA/Book Talk.

  3. I’d prefer that kids read but what I have noticed is the following: The kids that are usually disruptive are the ones that gravitate towards the listening. They then have headphones on and are locked into the video- so they are not disturbing others.


    I have seen the more motivated students go for the listening some days if they want some time away from students around them that are trying to distract.

    But Pablo is doing an amazing job with the Dreaming Spanish Youtube video and it’s all Non-Targeted. I believe Tina has collaborated with him recently.

    For schools that have technology, his stuff is good for sub plans. He also has a few thematic videos which might be a way for teachers in non-CI friendly departments to push some CI.

    He’s putting out videos practically every day.

    1. I just watched one of Pablo’s Dreaming Spanish Youtube videos at the end of one of my smaller classes today. Pablo really knocks it out! I agree, definitely something to do for students as independent study. I love how there’s a chance to do some L & D with his artwork at the end of the 10 minute video. I’m thinking this could be a great activity to do come April when students need more independent time. They could choose a video to prepare to present to the class, with questions to ask the class at the end of the video.

  4. Alisa Shapiro-Rosenberg

    I sometimes experiment, asking say 4th graders- if they want to read a new chapter of a group novel for the first time alone; if they want to listen to me read it; or if they want to track my reading with their finger/eyes as I read…
    It’s so interesting to see – the confident students often don’t want to be looking at the words as they hear; they’d rather imagine the scene as they hear it; others want the security of the words in hand…

    I have the sense that many young novice learners in my hi-performing setting can successfully extract meaning since the novels are written with so many cognates (sometimes too many – why do they revert to English for ‘closet’ and ‘sandwich?’ when we have words for these in Spanish Rhetorical – I know why…) but what they often still don’t do well (enough to enjoy) is HEAR the words in their head…
    Which is why I am looking for easier and easier texts or just relying on class-created texts.
    I have also been experimenting with creating chapter audio files IN CLASS – where I open Garage Band and I’m the narrator and volunteers read the short dialogue into the microphone. Then it’s super fun to listen as we read…and it’s another class memory…

  5. Alisa said:

    …what they often still don’t do well (enough to enjoy) is HEAR the words in their head….

    I got laughed at by the TPRS teachers in Denver when I shared about “tasting” the words in the One Word Image process. But how else will they develop their atrophied hearing unless we do more than just “say” the words. We have to bring a good sound meal to them (pun intended).

    (Hearing has been usurped by the excessively visual life they lead. According to several studies, over 90% of the human experience is visual anyway.)

  6. This is great, Greg! I did “FVL” last year but only once a week, since we are not 1:1. I see how the choice would make it way better! I may try to get the chromebook cart a couple times a week to see if I can get some energy behind this. I do FVR 10 min per day already, and would love to add the choice of listening.

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