Graduate Credit Now Available

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6 thoughts on “Graduate Credit Now Available”

  1. Sabrina Sebban_Janczak

    That is just too awesome!!!!!


    Who is your contact person at Portland State?
    May be we could replicate this at CU Boulder and elsewhere.

    I just think this is amazing and I think that is a giant step in the right direction !!!!

    Congratulation Ben,
    you never cease to amaze me….

  2. Just in time. My new recertification period starts in a few months. This gives me a lot of flexibility especially with the paucity of genuinely relevant options available.

  3. I don’t do the reading of what you would submit, Nathaniel, obviously Portland State does, but the way I understand it after talking to them is that your own comments here – those general comments that you made in the past six months or so, could launch you through the thing in a few hours. Tell me if that is true after you set up your recertification process with them.

    Another example of the way I understand it – Eric Herman’s recent comments here. Any right thinking university would just say, “I read your comments, here are the credits” and let’s all move on.

    Of course, that’s just me and my right brain thinking, but really, what I understand from PSU is that they respect the discussion here enough to want to award you credits for doing what you do anyway. That is how they approached it with me anyway. And I think the same would be for those just reading, who are doing such hard work in their own professional development, just in a quieter way.

  4. Tina Hargaden

    If you do not read the MoreTPRS listserv, you might have been surprised at the reaction on the announcement of the graduate credits available to PLC members. Hey, I thought it was 100% an awesome thing when I heard it was gonna happen.

    The vitriol with which some people wrote to each other was shocking. I was surprised how “unsafe” the moretprs listserv can feel, emotionally. People being sarcastic with each other, attacking others’ ideas…this PLC feels so much more supportive, kind, and positive. I would attribute it to Ben’s gentle leadership. Just like he provides to his students, he also provides it to the PLC members, his colleagues.

    When left to our own devices, us educators can be pretty catty. We were just discussing this at my school the other day–how we can tear each other apart based on professional choices and personality traits. Maybe it is because we are all working so hard, and so passionately, and we feel so strongly about what works for us in this Sisyphean task of raising up kids. Or maybe it’s because we are all pretty perpetually on the edge of exhaustion, lol. Whatever the reason, I love it how this PLC is a place for people to discuss their professional concerns in a “no judgements” atmosphere.

    I recently read a post in which things that should go on the “Wall of Shame” (WoS??) were discussed. Ben said “the Realm” should go up there. I remember reading the Realm posts Ben made on the original blog, back in 2008 (I think). I read them with fascination, in my second year of teaching one puny French class at my middle school. What a beautiful, fascinating, wonderful possibility, I thought.

    I just looked the old “Realm” posts up again. Yes, they are floating out there in cyberspace…and not in the “wayback machine” either. (Though the “wayback machine” is pretty far out. Go here to check it out.

    I must say, Ben, that I never dared to try the Realm. But that you tried it with such passion and love for imagination and for fantasy and for real adolescents, trying to make “school” more like “fun” and “play” and “life”…that was worth a lot to me. So even what seems like a failure, it can still be a gem to another person.

    I just wanted to say that without such a supportive group, how would any of us ever feel comfortable sharing those less-than-stellar moments, through which we can sometimes glimpse the far-off possibilities of school being a place kids actually want to come to. Thanks, Ben, for creating and curating this space. And thanks to you all, who keep the focus on growth and support. There are many a wolf at our door. Let’s keep the house warm and cozy, among friends, inside.

    Merci mille fois, Muchísimas gracias, danke schön, gratias vobis ago, and thanks so much!


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