Teacher of the Month – May 2014 – Sabrina Sebban-Janczak

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20 thoughts on “Teacher of the Month – May 2014 – Sabrina Sebban-Janczak”

  1. Oh, yes! A true gem. Sabrina never fails to answer a plea for help. She shares her vast expertise willingly, generously, and with unfailing grace and good humor. She encourages all of us and I love her for that. She is a teacher’s teacher. Sabrina, well deserved recognition! HOORAY and I am so looking forward to seeing you this summer. Big hugs.

  2. Sabrina is an incredibly generous person with her time and talents, as Ben mentioned above. Very kind, and principled… a lot of inner strength. I can’t imagine how busy the past year has been for her, and living in Denver while visiting her family near Chicago when possible.

    She began the CI Chicagoland group which has been meeting over the past year. I’m still meeting people who met Sabrina in the summer of 2013 who’ve come to that group. Sabrina has a gracious way of helping others go farther.

    And not the least for me personally… Sabrina might not realize she’s a major reason I took the step to apply for my new job! She has been staying with a teacher from my future school (Lynnette St. George) whom I knew only a little from a conference in 2013. So Sabrina encouraged me to contact Lynnette, and they were both tremendous help to me in giving me a sense of what the transition would be like and helped during my visit to Denver, including hosting me over night. Introduced me to a great Thai restaurant with Chinese writing all over the decorations, too. It’s a privilege to know you, Sabrina!

  3. Great choice! Sabrina and I have connected via the Net and we did a class competition together. I’m so glad that she’s accepted to run the Immersion course in Agen this year. Teachers of French who are not native speakers will be able to spend 3 days with Sabrina, discussing French culture, French cooking and French people. I’m looking forward to meeting her face to face and working with her during the Workshop.

  4. Leigh Anne Munoz

    Yay, Sabrina! You helped me so much in 2012-2013 with my French stories. You also found me lodging at iFLT last summer, making it possible for me to go. We had so much fun! I loved hanging out with you…

    If you see MB or Barb this summer, say ‘hi’ from me!

    Hope all is well.

    Thanks to you, I’ve become a better teacher!

  5. Ben, another excellent choice for teacher of the month.

    Sabrina is so kind and patient with us non-native speakers of her beautiful language, always willing to help and explain in a way that makes the affective filter go DOWN!

    I can’t wait to see her again and work with her in Agen and in Denver.

    Congratulations, Sabrina.

  6. I learned a lot form watching Sabrina’s video of a story-asking session (I believe the main location in that story was Buffalo Wild Wings). Mostly, from this video I learned the value in the choice of words to use when circling, retelling, and directing the story-asking session. Also, her kind awareness for all in the room was apparent. I can see how people are drawn to her.

    Thanks for all you do, Sabrina!

  7. Sabrina Sebban_Janczak


    Thank you Ben and everyone!!

    I am humbled by this honor and reminded that we teachers all deserve this honor, for working as teachers in this day and age, in what I think is the hardest time of all times to be practicing our art.

    One thing I can say is that collaboration through this blog has been paramount in shaping me as the teacher I am today. I still think I have long ways to go, but without this blog and all of you here contributing endless hours of meaningful conversations, I would have left this profession a long time ago. So again, thanks to all of you for sharing passionately and unselfishly!

    Looking forward to seeing you all either at any of the conferences this summer or on the blog.
    Happy memorial day weekend to all.

  8. YAY! Sabrina was a key person in helping me get over my self-created anxiety about my French classes. I am also (obviously) a non-native speaker…with not much formal training /study in the language (picked it up thru CI I suppose). She has always encouraged me and like Teri said, kept my affective filter down AND answered any questions anytime AND exchanged video with me last year. That was huge step / risk for me…and I got so much out of it that infused all of my teaching.
    Looking forward to seeking you / working with you in October 🙂 xxoo

  9. Sabrina,

    Thank you for sharing with us your teaching videos. Interacting with my students palpably became a more natural and calm experience after experiencing the cheerfulness, lightheartedness, and kindness of your presence and delivery in those few short minutes of your videos. I can’t wait to meet you in person, hopefully next summer…and if you by chance have any more teaching videos you’d be willing to grace us with, I’m sure I’m not the only one who wouldn’t mind!

    Congratulations and all the best for the end of your year out there in CO!

  10. Sabrina,
    It was great meeting you last year at iFLT. I’ve spent hours studying your videos and getting others to study you as well. Our profession is incredibly lucky to have you!

  11. Sabrina, one of my big idols on this blog and in the TPRS world. I always look forward to reading your great insights and your sensitive comments. This honor is so well-deserved. Denver is incredibly lucky to have you – and so are we!!!!

  12. I’ve just finished watching Sabrina masterful job at iFLT. It was amazing to see how much French those kids were understanding (and producing!) after only three days! Anyways, I just wanted to remind everyone how great she is.

    1. Carly Robinson

      I second that. James, I believe you called her work sublime and I agree whole heartedly. When Sabrina teaches she hugs her students with her eyes. It’s beautiful. At the end of the week’s session, her students gave her a huge group hug. There was so much love in that classroom and I feel honored to have been able to witness it..

  13. Oh yes! Sabrina is magical! We did a little story trade last year where we each did the same script with our classes, filmed them and showed them to our students. Even on video, my students felt her vibe! I cannot wait to see her in Maine in October!!!

  14. Oh, yes, and lest we forget, Sabrina is at the center of CI at CU-Boulder. Without her, there would be nothing going on whatsoever. With her contributions, our adult non-credit program has many happy learners as well as a few language teachers to whom Sabrina has graciously allowed to observe her class. That’s the beachhead we have been wanting for a long time and no one can take that away now!

    Thank you, Sabrina, and, by the way, I certainly hope you never sprain your left or right ankle again!

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