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Comprehensible Input

I got this question from a colleague: With new standards being put out, anti-teacher legislation being proposed in so many states, more and more "accountability" being demanded, it seems as if the teaching profession is being thrust further into the traditional,

If we agree with Krashen that comprehensible input is all about teaching so that we allow our students to learn the language we teach them unconsciously, that is, without any conscious control of what sticks in their minds (that being a hugely

I got this from John: Ben, I was hoping we could develop and/or refine previous discussions about arming ourselves with a description of the underlying theory about comprehensible and even compelling input for our colleagues, administrators and parents. With Krashen and CI, I

Andrew's blog entry made me think about next year again. The most effective CI that I do - and crucial to getting the year off on the right foot - is the Circling with Balls cards: I said about a month ago