A Horse

A horse walked into a bar and the bartender said, “Why the long face?”



14 thoughts on “A Horse”

  1. A rabbi walks into a bar carrying a frog, and puts the frog down on the bar.

    “What’ll it be?” says the barender.

    “Couple of martinis,” says the frog.

    “HOLY CRAP!” says the bartender, where did you GET him?”

    “Brooklyn,” says the frog, “there’s MILLIONS of ’em!”

    — a Robin Williams joke from the film The Aristocrats.

  2. The CEOs of Budweiser, Guinness, Coors, and Miller all walk into a bar after a beer-tasting contest.
    The CEO of Budweiser steps up to the bar and says: “I’ll have a Budweiser, the King of Beers!”
    The Coors CEO says: “I’ll have a Coors, the beer as cool as the Rockies!”
    The Miller CEO says, in turn: “I’ll have the good ol’ taste of a triple-hops brewed Miller!”
    The CEO of Guinness ponders for a moment and says to the bartender: “Oh, I’ll just have a Coke.”
    Bewildered, the other 3 CEOs stare and ask why he didn’t order a beer. The Guinness CEO shrugged and said “Well, if you weren’t ordering beer, I didn’t think I would either”.

  3. ooops! am I ‘dating’ myself! (that i have a kid old enough to drink, and to have preferential tastes in his alcohol already???? lol)

  4. C, E-flat and G go into a bar. The bartender says, “sorry, but we don’t serve minors.” So E-flat leaves, and C and G have an open fifth between them. After a few drinks, the fifth is diminished and G is out flat. F comes in and tries to augment the situation, but is not sharp enough. D comes in and heads for the bathroom saying, “Excuse me. I’ll just be a second.” Then A comes in, but the bartender is not convinced that this relative of C is not a minor. Then the bartender notices B-flat hiding at the end of the bar and says, “Get out! You’re the seventh minor I’ve found in this bar tonight.”

    If you’re not up on musical terms this won’t be as funny.

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