I know that we’re getting too many of these funky little acronyms with the small letter first and the two caps. It’s because jen’s name starts with a j, if you know the history. Well, I am adding one more to the categories today – gGR (Greg’s Great Questions) – and I know it’s confusing but I have to.

I have accepted that the nature of this site, of any forum like this where there is a continuous scrolling dialogue, is going to be confusing. It can’t not be. I have had a few people tell me privately that it is maddeningly confusing but in response to that I would just paraphrase what Robert said once here that he reads what he can and accepts that there is more content than one can keep up with, which I thought was a healthy way to look at it.

This is just a really long conversation and we have to accept that we will forget stuff much like in real life conversations where we can’t remember what we said twenty minutes ago. So I shamelessly continue to add new categories like the one I added today about Greg, not so much to organize and create a reference system but selfishly because the categories are more effective for me than the search bar, which gives way too many responses to make it easy to find a particular article. At least with the categories you have a chance at finding it.

That said, James, or Little Robert as I think of him since he is a younger version of Robert, which is about as high a compliment as you can pay someone, has come up with a terrific organizing system for the hard links that we are just working on now.

When that gets going, readers will have in the hard links what they expect from the categories, and so I can continue to just make the categories endless. It’s hard to explain, but I think that those who know the site know what I’m talking about how the categories can be used. So we’ll look forward to the hard links and James’ awesome flow charts, a few of which are already up at the top of this page.

That’s the update. Now to go post on Greg’s Great Questions – gGQ.



1 thought on “Update”

  1. If there is a comment that I would never want to lose – one that I know I will refer to again and again, I copy and paste it into a word document. I have a file called PLC Gold! I recently started to do this because of the awesomely outrageous quality of your collective genius input!

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