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Persona Especial Idea

This is from Eric. It ties together stories and interviews: …after the TPRS 3 steps, do the “Special Person” (aka personal interview) of the character(s) from the story….

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Interview Options

When interviewing kids we now have six options. I’m posting them here for ease of reference, with a new category for this increasingly popular way of doing CI in our classrooms: Special Chair (Jody) Persona Especial 

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Pet Interviews

Robert adds another interview topic to our list of interview activities. This time it’s pets. Of course, this may be an activity we all do, but it needs to be categorized for reference. So thank

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Star of the Week Update

Lance has given this update with some changes by Sabrina on Star of the Week. I like how simple it is: There are notable changes Sabrina has made that everyone should be aware of before adapting

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