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10 thoughts on “Interview Options”

  1. A couple of years ago I read something Bob Patrick shared about Two truths and a Lie. With such large classes I couldn’t get it up and running the way I wanted to. I have been using it this year and it very much an interview activity with some interesting twists. Students have a motive to hide one of their pieces of information. This makes for an intriguing input-based question and answer session.
    Here is the article link.

  2. When I was talking with Bryce this weekend, he mentioned that there are a handful of themes that really allow personal interviews to flourish with high school kids: sports, cars, animals, music, etc.
    Nice to have some concrete explanations from you all about how you implement them.

  3. “Ville de la semaine”
    I’m trying something new for me – teaching some geography and culture using CI with 8th graders who were wanting something (“serious”) like that. We will learn a tiny bit about some of the major cities in France, in French. We started with Paris, our first “Ville de la semaine.” It’s not really the same as the interviews (yet), but I’m using the question format at the end to help kids try their hand at writing a very simple informational paragraph using the information from the simple reading that grew out of the Paris CI and maps and photos. I created three embedded readings which built up to the final, which is also pretty basic.
    Then I made up a Sabrina-style spreadsheet for them to use with their writing. It can be used for each city as we get to it.
    What would be cool is if each kid could eventually, after we do several together, find out about a city or town and be prepared to be interviewed about it in real Star of the Day style. Maybe we could tie in our town too somehow with comparing and contrasting.
    We’ll see. It’s just a beginning at this point. Maybe I can find a way to make something like that simple and meaningful enough for these late Level 1s.
    If anyone is interested, I can share the things I made.

  4. But is this really personalization?
    I guess kids in a heritage language class would take their city personally (probably heritage Spanish, not French). I’ve done something similar with my ELLs’s hometowns/countries.

    1. No, it’s not personalization like the other interviews, but it would allow each student to be the focus and to share something they know. It’s just another interview option that I am trying out.
      We also do the very personal Star of the Day, 2 Truths and a Lie, etc.
      The kids were really wanting something that wasn’t about them. They were wanting some “content” not just language. As long as I am speaking to them in French as much as I can and they are engaged and responding, I think it is valuable. We personalize in order to engage. If something else is engaging, why not do that, too?

  5. Another interview topic: dream job.
    We did this in my fourth year level these past two days, and we all had a great time. They are very verbal at this point, and comfortable getting help smoothing over gaps in their vocabulary or how to say something in language they do know. They’re really a lot of fun. I learned a lot about them this week.

  6. I’ve been having some great days with another interview idea with my level 2’s (high school). The key was having students email me BABY or CHILDHOOD pictures of themselves. I put them in a powerpoint then display one at a time. We are having a GREAT time guessing who is who. Then, we are just talking. Questions like:
    -Where were you born and where did you grow up?
    -What did you watch on TV when you were little?
    -What toys did you play with?
    -What books did you read?
    -Were you a brat/little angel…
    -Did you have temper tantrums?
    -GREAT ONE: What was your nickname?
    I knew this was a hit on Friday when we were going to start playing our PAT review game (this is usually an end of week treat) and the students wanted to “talk about more baby pictures” and then today, Monday morning before break, another class asked if we were going to “get to look at more baby pics”. It is making these few weeks before break much easier, but I’m saving a few pictures for after break because I don’t want it to end!

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