War Wounds 4

Jen we have to exercise care if we are a long wolf or even if we are not. Susan Gross once told me that in her opinion 99 of every 100 people who claim to “do TPRS” don’t do it anywhere nearly properly. And for that reason they turn others against TPRS and we cannot blame those who are skeptics for that reason. When you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem, to quote brother Eldridge Cleaver from the day.

Lone wolves are in a tough position. The wolf has been hunted down to extinction in Colorado, driven north by cattle ranchers, and now the entire ecosystem is out of balance because all the wolves are in Montana and Canada. Elk and deer are feasting on everything and making a big mess.

I almost got run over on my bike by four big ass deer and a deerbino chasing a coyote the other day. (The coyote was following them for a shot at the young baby deer with the other three but the deer had had it and were now chasing the coyote all over the place). We need the wolves back. It depends, believe it or not, on legislation, whether the cattle ranchers driven by profits or the pro-wolf people driven by the concern for the environment will win.

That makes me think of what Robert said here a few days ago about being proactive. He was repeating something Jason Fritze had told him about the need to make our position known. We are doing that. It is a slow battle, but how can we lose? Look at our classes! Big classes with actively engaged kids from bell to bell. Kids having fun and learning a ton. It’s hard to argue with that.



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