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It looks like I should have the opportunity to teach a CI level 4 Spanish class next year; I’ve only taught 1st and 2nd so far.  I need a course description for the guidance office to post in their class listings. The one I was given is very generic from the state of Indiana–basically the 5 “C’s” and how they will be achieved. I would like to write a description for a CI course and wondered if some of our upper level teachers on the blog have something like that they use.  Anything at all would be helpful to me.





8 thoughts on “Upper Level Course Description”

    1. Ben–I wish. No. They had grammar/projects for Spanish I, then had me for Spanish II. They have grammar/projects now in Spanish III and requested from guidance that I teach them a CI class for Spanish IV.

      To the rest of you–thanks so much. I’ll look up Laurie’s and email skip. My home email is: lori1960@onlyinternet. net.

      Jim–class size is around 15-17 students. Right now 4th year is independent study, but they requested a “real” class with more input and interaction.

      1. Hey Lori, I wil send you what I have. It is super vague, precisely bc “level 4” kids have not had CI training so in most ways they are pretty much a level 2 class.

        I am in pretty much the identical situation you describe: kids have me for Spanish 2 and 4 after traditional spanish 1 and 3. Unfortunately I don’t have the numbers you have.

        You have a real advantage since you said kids requested “more input and interaction!” 15-17 seems like a great size for this work.

        Jim–I would love to get your stuff bc I have the same class size and struggle mightily with this. jen@santbani.org

        1. Jen–nice to see that someone else is in the same situation–except that you are considerably more fluent and comfortable with the language than I. You are right–it really will be more of a level II class, except that they will be 17-18 years old, and so may still be interested in more “outside world” non-fiction topics, at least part of the time.

          As far as the numbers, if at least 15 don’t end up actually being able to fit the class into their schedules, there will be no class at all. I don’t know of any of these kids who wants to take Spanish IV as an independent study (if they do that, it will be with the grammar teacher, and not with me). But I need to have this course description anyway, so that it can be listed with the other classes.


  1. Lori, what is the class size? I’m asking because I’m teaching Spanish 3 to three students this year, and I’m trying to focus on independent (mostly) input projects they can do, weekly projects (82 minutes per day), such as read a novel or memorize a song etc. I can send you that document, and/or my Spanish 3 syllabus (which resembles my other syllabi), if you give me your email address.


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