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11 thoughts on “Quick Quizzes”

  1. Thank you, that was helpful. I am really bad at getting grading into the grade book. It is my achilles heel. This will really be helpful in making sure I can get them in. I have decided that every free minute I have at school I will spend on grading until I am caught up.
    I need to get a laser pointer. Any suggestions on brands? A kids gave me a cheap cat pointer but the beam isn’t strong enough.

    1. My husband bought me a laser pointer at Lowe’s hardware. It’s also a flashlight. I forget the brand and left it at school. I’ll get back to you on it. It has a nice beam but I’m thinking of switching because one has to press down hard on the button and I’m getting a callous. But maybe you want to search a hardware store.

  2. Thank you so much, John! I go one faster than you…much of the time, I have the students grade themselves. We do the quiz, and then I re-say the quiz, and kids answer. About every third or fourth time, I collect quizzes and grade them myself.

    I love the visual of the transferrable word wall. I am always making excuses for not having one. You’ve just negated them all!

  3. Same here with the word wall – I always thought a word wall had to be just that, a WHOLE WALL full of words. Here, you just have a bunch of 8 1/2 x 11 sheets taped together and, voila, your word wall. Now I really can’t use it as an excuse anymore that I am sharing the room with a Spanish teacher and don’t have any wall space for myself. I also like your rules poster – the one I use seems way to wordy, I might take this time off from school to revamp some of my classroom visuals. Thanks for sharing, this was/is really helpful!

  4. An alternative to a laser pointer: hire a Vanna White student(s) to point to distant Word Walls for you. This has been a nice way for me to have one or two students helpfully run out of their seats and dramatically point to the words I wanted to use. My Word Walls include a list of verbs for things we might do in class. It also helps me slow down because the students take a few seconds to find the words, and the whole class seems always to watch attentively.
    It’s working so well I don’t want to buy a laser pointer anymore.

  5. I’m glad my video helps. I am working up to recording myself teaching, but in the meantime I hope to record a few more descriptive videos.

    I have done self-grading in the past, but sometimes it is more time-consuming, in that you have to monitor the students more closely during the grading.

    My rules poster is 24×30 poster size, which I uploaded to Staples’ website (go to “blueprints” in their print center website), and they will print the posters for $3. The word walls are 4 or 6 sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper taped together and laminated (my school has big awesome laminating machine). I enlarge the font, so it’s no more than 5 words per page. This way, all students can see it. I use masking tape, and transfer the poster to my office wall when I’m not teaching. I teach one class once a week in a room downstairs, so I just keep spare posters in that room, and put them up when I go in.

    I order the laser pointers from Amazon, or a hardware store. Remember that watch batteries are very expensive–like printer cartridges, they can cost more than the pointer. I like the Vanna White job, though I do a lot of pointing. I also have a stick with a pointing hand on it. But with the laser, I can be anywhere in the room. Great for choral reading, and I can stand at the back of the room, or right next to a squirrely student.

  6. John, would you mind sending me a copy of your rules poster (I tried to read from your video but it is too blurry) as a reference? Or post it here? My e-mail address is brigitte dot kahn at verizon dot net. Thanks so much in advance!!!!

  7. way off topic but Wal-Mart (assuming you shop there) has laser pointer key chains for $2.47 that come with 3 batteries loaded and a back up set. They are wonderful actually and also have a small flashlight…

    In Maine they are at every check out counter…

    Also, thank you John for doing this video…. I appreciate your time, effort and generosity.

    I continue to be so grateful for this group.


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