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Ben Slavic


  • John Piazza
    August 28, 2011

    Why does it seem that last year was the worst year for so many teachers, and not just CI teachers? I have heard this from traditional teachers as well, teachers who would never have admitted any weakness in “handling” their classrooms, in accordance with the code of silence that so many of us painfully observe, in order to avoid humiliation. Perhaps the financial stresses of so many households over the past few years have become unbearable, as families break up and kids lose their sense of stability. Perhaps decades of budget cuts are finally catching up with schools. Whatever it is, it does seem like we are at a turning point. I am hopeful for my year and my classroom, and I and my students are fortunate to be insulated from many of the stresses I just mentioned (for now), but the big picture is looking a lot less hopeful.


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