Teacher of the Month – December – Laurie Clarcq

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17 thoughts on “Teacher of the Month – December – Laurie Clarcq”

  1. Laurie is THE ABSOLUTE BEST AT EVERYTHING SHE DOES!! What a truly terrific choice – Congratulations, Laurie!!!!! You have been such an inspiration to me ever since you came to visit. There is nothing I do without asking myself “What would Laurie do/say/think……”.
    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart – for being who you are and for being such a force for the rest of us!

  2. Congratulations, Laurie. I was deeply inspired by your presentations in Maine this fall, and also by the coaching session. Experiencing what you offer as a teacher…something so honest and human while also exquisitely practiced and thoroughly researched and considered, not to mention always growing and adapting…this makes me want to teach in that way. Professional yet fallible, funny and practical, and always with that heart-center as compass and guide. Thanks for what you have done for me and all of us who learn from you!

  3. Nathaniel says:
    December 28, 2013 at 7:38 PM
    Congratulations Laurie.

    Your invitation, which I recently read, for administrators to contact your administrators really impressed me. There has got to be something solid to make such an offer. It is inspiring to see that districts can be changed.

    It inspired me to look at your websites. Your love for your students shows through. TPRS puts us in a different relationship with our students. It reminded me how our attitude toward our students changes when we learn that we are on the same team. Thanks.

  4. Yes! Of course! Laurie! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! “The purpose of language is to put a picture into the mind and heart of another person.” Laurie opened her talk in Maine with this statement (not verbatim, but my recollection…and you get the spirit of it). Pretty much sums up what she is about. Laurie is simply radiant with love and encouragement and firm boundaries. Such a tricky balance that she embodies naturally.

    As a participant in the coaching session last October, I totally agree with what Ben said above…when Laurie is there you can relax, take risks, laugh, make mistakes, be yourself, and know that it will all be ok. What a gift!

    Thank you Laurie!!! xxoo

  5. Only those who have met and or been involved with Laurie can adequately appreciate the comments above. Of the 93 guests at our TCI conference in Maine in October, 100% had nothing but positive comments. They were so appreciative and touched by her genuineness, her skill, insight and profound wisdom as an educator. I have been helped, encouraged and touched by so many…. I would not be the teacher I am today without the advice, insight and perspective of Laurie. (Hugs from the Crosby family- We miss you) 🙂

  6. Here here! Teacher of the Year, for sure.

    Laurie, best to you, your family, and your students during these cold winter months!

    And if anyone else here got to see Laurie perform Cinderella at NTPRS in Chicago (and maybe elsewhere?), in Pig Latin!!, then you know she is also extremely talented, among being so knowledgable and kind in her work.

  7. I got to be a participant in Laurie’s Embedded Reading workshop during the iFLT conference in San Diego last summer. I certainly learned a little something about Embedded Readings but more significantly I learned a great deal about teaching to the heart. It can be an awesome experience teaching a classroom of kids when you do it with love, and Laurie helped me see that. Congratulations!

  8. Hello my friends. First, let me apologize for not having seen this!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t been on the blog for a while, trying to focus on my recovery from surgery (which has gone well!) and spending time with my college-aged sons while they were home. MB nudged me to get on and read and this is what I find! (Thanks MaryBeth!)

    I have missed you all and this was a caring and powerful welcome back. I cannot begin to tell you how much the TPRS/CI community has meant to me personally and professionally. Where else can we really be honored for who we are, what we do and what we love?!!! It is a gift and an honor to be part of this.

    Let’s continue to support each other in 2014. If not us, then who?!!! We have each other and that is more than you could possibly imagine.

    with love,
    and thanks,
    and a hug,

    1. I was just going to FB you to clue you in!!! You are the bomb, my friend. Many, many congratulations and thanks for always listening to me with great patience and understanding. I thank God for allowing our paths to cross. You help so many of us be better not only at teaching, but at life.

  9. Laurie is such an amazing teacher / presenter / woman / life force. She is like an embodiment of love and support (not to mention intelligence and humor!). Like Sean said, you don’t just learn techniques from her, you experience what it means to teach from the heart.

  10. Getting to know Laurie at SWCOLT was a real treat. She is genuine and embodies so many great qualities. Laurie is one of those people who always makes a positive contribution to your interaction with her, whether she is leading a presentation, teaching, planning, or just chatting.

    Congratulations, Laurie. You truly are a shining example, and you have your Father’s eyes.

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