A Summer Idea

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42 thoughts on “A Summer Idea”

  1. I will be attending the Agen workshop, Lord willing. I’m looking forward to seeing a number of people I know.

    Unfortunately, my schedule does not allow me to attend either iFLT or NTPRs.

    1. Yay I will be there.
      Email me and I can give you my phone # so we can text and start getting plans made.
      I am coming early to do the language classes (French AND Spanish, it is going to be like a spa day for my brain!!) too so I will be getting to TN on July 15.
      thargaden ayat comcast dawt net
      I am from GA so I tried to type that address with a Suthuhn accent. 🙂

  2. Planning now to be at iFLT… I had a blast last summer. I’d be glad to meet PLC people. I would also be glad to reduce costs in whatever way possible. Cost is an issue, bummer, because I know I won’t get help from my school this year.

    I went last year totally on the cheap and came in around $900 all told in case anyone is trying to figure costs. I brought food for dinner, ate hotel breakfasts, shared a room, split a taxi from the airport… However, Chattanooga costs more to fly into in general than Minneapolis did.

    1. Diane I am not 100% sure on this but I think there is a shuttle from Atlanta to Chattanooga. It’s only 117 miles. So I certainly wouldn’t fly into Chattanooga if there is a much less expensive shuttle. So I’ll be taking the shuttle from Atlanta to Chattanooga and then back down to Atlanta for my flight over to France.


      Re: Agen – I think Judy told me that, as I was trying to figure out how to get from Chattanooga to Toulouse, Delta has flights from Atlanta to Bordeaux/Toulouse and Agen is midway between the two. I even think Judy might take over from there in picking us up once we get to one of those bigger cities.

      That’s all not carved in stone, but I think it’s accurate.

      1. When are ppl flying in to France? Bordeaux or Toulouse? Im a bit paralyzed by indecision re: summer bc of family constraints (wedding, etc). Hope to figure this out soon. Trying to go to either Agen or Chattanooga. Not both, and may not be able to swing it right now. Dates are tricky this year, but just trying to get some info so I can decide.

          1. David, Petra and I will come to Agen again this year. Toulouse is a good choice to arrive by plane. There is a shuttle bus from exit C (see internet page of Toulouse airport) to the main station (Toulouse Matabiau). From there it is one hour by train (TGV or Intercity) to Agen.

          2. It’s also easy if you arrive in Bordeaux. There’s a shuttle to the train station and Agen is an hour from Bordeaux by train. It’s actually halfway between Toulouse and Bordeaux, on the hi-speed train line, so it doesn’t matter which city you are coming from, whichever fits in best with the rest of your travel arrangements. If you arrive in Paris there is a direct train to Bordeaux from the airport, you don’t even have to go into Paris, if that’s not on your schedule. If you want to do the tourist thing in Paris, you need to go to Montparnasse station to get a train to Bordeaux/Toulouse.

        1. I am going to iFLT and Agen. I want to meet you jen! You are awesome jen!
          If you want to join the iFLT group discount, you will save some cash. We have me, Lance, and Diane in a group now. My pal Lynn from OR might join us too.
          I want to shake your hand my virtual pal jen!!!

          1. thargaden at comcast dot net

            This summer is going to be the greatest summer of my life. I turn 40 this May and what a way to start off the decade. Cannot wait to meet you and other fine folks in TN!!

          2. Hi Tina,

            If you all pay with the same credit card at the same time — you will get the $30 discount for 3 to 5 in a group. You’d also need everyone’s info, I think (name, address, contact info). I would register soon… that’s part of why I went ahead and did it. I hadn’t understood that payment had to be a one-shot deal for the whole group until this week. Sorry, I didn’t feel able to do that.

            I had a great time at iFLT last year. I’m looking forward to meeting & seeing people, too!

      2. Ben, thanks so much for the link about the transportation to the airport. I’ll be traveling from Chattanooga to the ATL airport on Saturday, so if others are doing that then we should coordinate and travel together for fun!!

        1. Want to register with us as a group? So far, Diane, Lance, and I are in a group. I am going up for the Fluency Fast classes pre-conference. I would love to shuttle back to ATL together if my sissy does not drive me up and back. My family is in GA so she might come up with me and take basic Spanish!

      1. Yes, Tina, if Carol will let that be ok! (But tentatively – I really do have to talk with my husband about costs & other stuff we may have going on this summer.)

        I think I did hear of the Atlanta shuttle but haven’t got serious about looking up info. That’s how I got to Monterey, CA last fall — flew into cheaper SFO and a shuttle from airport to Monterey downtown. It helped at least $100.

      2. Yes, I’m registering with you two, too.

        This means I’m looking for a roommate. I’m already organizing lodging for NTPRS, so it’d be great to find some dude who wants to take the lead for iFLT.

  3. Well, since we are talking about summer plans …

    Immediately following the conference in Agen, I will be doing a little bit of on-the-ground research in the South of France for the French version of my medieval book. This is what it looks like:

    Saturday, 3o July: Take train to Toulouse; rent car; drive to Quillan; hotel in Quillan; dinner with Cathar Country Tour Leader

    Sunday, 31 July: Visit Monatillou and Foix; hotel in Quillan

    Monday, 01 August: Visit Lastours and Minerve; hotel in Quillan

    Tuesday, 02 August: Visit Montsegur and Puivert; hotel in Quillan

    Wednesday, 03 August: Visit Muret; hotel in Quillan

    Thursday, 04 August: Visit Avignonet, Lavaur, and Les Casses; hotel in Quillan

    Friday, 05 August: Visit Toulouse; hotel in Toulouse; return rental car

    I have arranged the week with Cathar Country Tours, a company run by an English couple who specialize in the Albigeois region and the Cathar period. Each day is bookable as a separate day tour with them. Wednesday, 03 August, is actually a “free day” on which I plan to visit Muret on my own. Otherwise, everything is part of a guided tour. I arranged the week with the couple to try to get the most things covered for my book. I will also be doing some other research on my own, both before and after the workshop in Agen.

    Anyone who is interested is welcome to book with them for any or all of the days. This doesn’t have to be a private tour just for me.

  4. Our presentation proposal was accepted at NTPRS (Reno) and we’re still waiting to hear abt iFLT. Next step – find funding-hopefully we’ll be able to go! We hope to attend/present our elementary-focused session at both – it’s all about adapting and creating literacy materials.

  5. I will be in Agen this summer and I am incredibly happy about it! I have not been to Europe without a gaggle of students since 1982!!!!!!

    I obviously cannot be in Reno, since I’ll be in Agen, and I considered going to Chattanooga. Jennifer Raulston and her team (Hi Erin!!) are really amazing and I had a wonderful time there in 2013. But in the end, I decided not to strain the financial budget, or the physical/emotional one, by trying to be there and then within 48 hours be functional in France.

    I am so excited for those of you who are attending NTPRS and/or IFLT…they are wonderful and amazing opportunities!! Hoping to be at them in 2017. :o)

    with love,
    PS and I will see all of you who are coming to Maine in October!

  6. Our proposals were accepted and we were invited to present at iFLT and NTPRS. Looks like folks are hungry for the elementary CI application – its such a great (albeit rare) fit!
    We are seeking district funding. IF we get it, we’ll be at both confs – I’m referring to my Winnetka posse trio – Carla, Susi and I.

    1. Very good, Alisa. I was asked to present on Chinese topics — I’m going to do a more general overview for the beginner track (like an outline of the process applied to Chinese uniqueness, including reading & all kinds of stuff), and one on Cold Character Reading for the experienced track.

  7. Awesome! I am very interested in CCR and will try to attend your session!! -I want to see how it would it apply to Hebrew. I have discussed it w/Terry and she says that theoretically the kids ought not require any phonetic information – they can go from the Hebrew in their heads.
    But the kids in question have been TAUGHT the Hebrew aleph-bet in grades 1-2 (letter formation and sounds) plus the dot and dash vowel system, so theoretically they’d be ready to read words in context in 3rd grade Hebrew school. We shall see – I intend to try the CCR method in a modified way (we don’t have the equivalent of pinyin, so I won’t use an English letter phonetic version). When young native Hebrew speakers learn to read, the texts are in manuscript with vowels, but when they learn to write, it’s in handwriting (with or without vowels – I hope to go without!) I hope to follow that model. When I write up a chunk of text for a reading, I’ll use the standard manuscript w/vowels (to start?)

    1. Alisa,
      I would like to know how it turns out. My experience was to learn the rules for sounding out the letters and then applying that to sounding out the words. I know follow along listening to a recording by a rabbi with lots of pauses and double checking for meaning (using Green’s interlinear Hebrew-English text). It definitely makes a difference for me to have the sound-meaning in my brain before attempting to read the symbol-meaning. Initially with a word, especially one more than 2-3 letters long, I cannot follow with sound and symbol simultaneously. It is one or the other and I have found that I get more out of attending to the sound-meaning.

    2. Sweet, Alisa & Nathaniel. I really believe that why Cold Character Reading works is because it taps into the unconscious, comprehension-based part of the mind, instead of the analytic, figure-it-out part of the mind. You have the sounds in your head already, and now you see how they look, with a loving guide in your teacher who is pointing and reading them aloud with you. You’re looking and thinking of the meaning. My students are not all perfect readers of Chinese, but those who attend class, look & listen, and get clarification of meaning really, really are. Some need more reps than others, but this process works for them.

      I am playing around with Thai language in my free time. What I really want is easy Thai texts that only have words that I already know, written repetitiously, slowly read aloud to me while someone points at the words as they read. That is how CCR proceeds. I will be able to sound out words on my own after a few hours of that, I think. Thai has a rather large alphabet (like 43 letters, and with vowel combinations, like 25 vowel sounds or so? Thai skips writing vowels sometimes, too!). I can read some of it, but not all well. Instead, Thai language teaching methods are mostly about memorizing letters analytically. At best, they draw on shapes of the letters and link them somehow to a picture or meaning. But that’s still analyzing, and therefore pulling us out of the unconscious and over into analysis of language instead.

          1. Guess what, the blog here can’t do Chinese either! I would love to pick back up on Thai. I’ve been busy on some projects — I think it’s back down to my “normal” amount of projects now. So there’s time! Thank you!

  8. Diane & Nathaniel, thanks for sharing your personal experiences learning a non-Roman alphabet. Nathaniel – you prolly didn’t have a lot of comprehension of extended chunks of oral language before you attempted to decode with your teacher/rabbi. Indeed this is new territory for Hebrew learning, and I’m excited to get started. The dearth of CI materials in lesser taught languages is staggering.

    1. Alisa,
      I cannot think of any chunks, mostly words which have English equivalents or which I learned as transliterations (spelling the word with the English alphabet. Some well-known (in English) like hallelu, shalom, and amen, and some less well-known, like ’emet,’ ‘hesed,’ ‘elohim.’ And my knowledge to begin with was using them with an American pronunciation of the transliterations, but the served as cognates for me.

  9. I will attend iFLT this summer. I had also wanted to go to Agen, but finances would not allow that. 🙁
    I am also attending the Advanced French Fluency Fast pre-conference. I wish I had seen this before I registered to try and do a group registration, but I’m a week too late.

    I do not need a roommate, but I would love to meet up with people from the blog! I attended NTPRS and met several members of the forum who were incredibly kind and helpful. Laurie and Bryce gave up some free time to sit down with either myself or my group that I was with, and those conversations have had a huge influence on my instruction this year. Plus it was just nice to spend time with such genuinely good people! I’ve learned so much from the people here. It would be great to put more faces with the names.

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