Student Reports – A Possible Template

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4 thoughts on “Student Reports – A Possible Template”

  1. John,
    I really like this. I have to write narrative comments, and this will help me focus on very specific details. For the explanation part where you talk about national standards, is this a separate handout? Or is it a written framework that you would use in the parent teacher conference?

    For the way our grade reports work, I think I will try something very similar to your sample. I am going to use this next week when I have to write these! Thank you for this great template. It’s so timely and it will save me from some of the angst I go through when writing these reports!

    Since I will be instituting in this quarter it will also be a good jumping off point for discussion / explanation to the students. Some of them still do not understand how they are being assessed and why. Having the three modes on the grade reports will hold us all accountable. Also, since I plan to tweak the percentages in the last quarter for my upper level class, I can use this to explain why.

    1. Jen,

      I am glad you (and Sabrina) find this helpful. The explanation of the three modes is included in the comment, just to give families some context for my more specific comments. The formatting came out with a lot of spaces. In the comment itself, the text will be more compact with indentation and bullet points.

  2. John,

    I agree with Jen. This is a superb tool for parents, students and administrators alike who need a framework to understand how grading occurs. Nice breaking down of the three modalities rooted in the national standards .

    Two things I personally would change. Both are in the wording of the presentational rubric. I realize you said that only a select few would only see/get this if at all . But by making it available for a few, you may open Pandora’s box. And actually this brings a question to my mind. If they exceed expectations in presentational , do they get an A or A+?

    Here are the changes I would make but again, this is just me…..

    1) You wrote : “Able to respond to spoken and written Latin messages using correct forms.”
    What if the form is not entirely right but the message is understandable?
    Do they get a lesser grade? the reason I m saying that is because since we don’t know the natural order of acquisition, you may be asking for something they are not able to give you yet ( even 4 percenters) . Unless you are talking about a written activity in which they can use the monitor to self correct on a ” learned” and not “acquired” item. I would not penalize them in the spoken part of the presentational , as long as it is understandable by a native speaker ( I know, I know : there are no such animals in Latin)

    2) The second thing I would change , again under presentational rubric :
    you wrote “Able to initiate spoken and written communication in correct and comprehensible Latin”. This again I would change for the same reason as stated above. I would take away the word “correct” and just leave “in comprehensible Latin’.

    May be I’m being over analytical John, I am sorry. Other than those 2 tiny items, I love it though. Thank you for taking the time to create it and share it with us!

  3. Thank you Sabrina, for the thoughtful comments. I agree that the Presentational opens a Pandora’s box of sorts. As far as the grading goes, the only way I assess Presentational is as part of the top grade in the jGR, and in informal assessment based on my everyday observations. So when a student demonstrates presentational skills, he is exceeding expectations in one category of my grading system (Interpersonal, 30%), it helps his grade, but doesn’t automatically give him an A+ overall (98-100 in my gradebook, though our school doesn’t do A+ in the official grades). Presentational can be trumped on my jGR by distracting behavior, because this is more central to the process of acquisition during the first two years.

    As for the word “correct” in presentational, I see how it can be problematic. I inserted it because I am saving this for instances when students are really shining in their active use of the language. All students are producing to some extent, and most of them make mistakes, and that is a natural part of the process. Maybe it’s my 4% bias showing (and perhaps I should rethink this if so), but I want to acknowledge kids who are really starting to use the correct forms in class, AND not in a robotic way (and I think it is possible to recognize the difference, that is, between speed translating from English into L2, and instances of accurate sentences falling out of kids’ mouths.).
    Also, my admin has asked me to include more language that is content and/or Latin specific. I plan to follow up and make sure he knows exactly why I am wording it the way I do, but in the short term, I will incorporate a few of those changes, just for clarity, and in order to get a working template in order that I can finish comments by Thursday. I will re-post my final version once I have fininshed. But in the meantime, if you, Jen, or anyone else doing comments this week wants to bounce some last-minute ideas around, feel free to email me:

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