Question About PQA Structures

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20 thoughts on “Question About PQA Structures”

  1. oso perezoso means “lazy bear… SLOTH” which helps with memorization because is rhymes.

    Also, there is probably a pretty good ASL sign for perezoso, or you could make one up as a group that would probably be pretty hilarious.

    It’s just one of those words I don’t feel the need to PQA per se, because of its acoustic character

  2. We came up with some pretty interesting scenes today during PQA. Two weeks ago we did the “fight” script. During PQA we established that the smallest, most innocent looking girl in each class hits small children (the direction I led them to). Today during PQA it turned out in a couple of the classes that the same girls who hit small children WORK in orphanages where they hit and YELL at children. (the target structures in all caps there). As it turns out, Mr. X (I’m leaving out names to protect the innocent), a guy who used to sub here that is really creepy and creeps out all the students, is the BOSS at the orphanage and YELLS at the girls, telling them that they’re LAZY and they need to WORK and YELL at more children.

    Very interesting classes today. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with tomorrow for the story.

      1. I meant that for me personally it is pushing the envelope. I am just not one of those teachers who allows things to get too far out there in terms of social mores, propriety, what is good for kids to see as they grow up, and such.

        Most of our DPS team “go there” (kind of like girls hitting small children, maybe not that far) and TPRS/CI teachers are known everywhere for that kind of thing. I just don’t go there for my own reasons. So I meant dude like in “dude” but not in, like, DUDE.

        1. *whew* Had me worried like I was being bad. I guess it’s just my personality and sense of humor, I think it’s kind of funny to say that the smallest, most innocent looking girl in class hits kids. It makes for a lot of laughs. Trust me, it could be worse….I had a student last quarter suggest “premature babies” as an answer to “Who does she hit?”. Very creative and definitely thinking out of the box but that goes too far for even me.

          I’m glad that I’m not the only one who takes things to that level, though.

          1. There are some who take it way beyond the ken. Actually once Carol Gaab and Kristy Placido were visiting my classroom, about six months ago, and Carol started making suggestion after suggestion about the guy being a proctologist. Luckily for us, none of the kids knew what that was. I just err on the side of caution is one way to put it.

    1. What’s funny is he’s popped up in some stories before. I probably shouldn’t allow it but I have to admit I think it’s hilarious. The language arts teacher even had her classes write a story about him. He’s reached legendary status! When he would sub he would show up with his shirt inside out, sit down at a desk reading a newspaper, staring at the students with a creepy smile on his face and drink water out of a wine bottle. He’s a very odd character, I even felt uncomfortable talking to him.

    2. Oh man. Is there more on Mr. X or what?!?!?!?

      Mr. X was subbing today for a teacher. He won’t be in our building again, that’s for sure. And I think I’m going to ban him from stories now as well.

      Has nothing to do with our PQA session yesterday, either. Has to do with something he did today.

    1. I have no idea. A few of us teachers had already put him on our block list.

      Last period today, a girl came up to me to let me know what happened during the previous period. The girl who talked to me will be Girl 1. Girl 1 was standing at the teacher’s desk with Girl 2. Girl 2 was getting help with an assignment. After getting the help, Mr. X (I’m sorry to be telling you this, but we need to be mindful of the types of people in the world and our responsibility to protect children) rubbed the inside of her thigh and said that if she has any other questions to ask. Girl 1 was standing beside her and witnessed this. Now, everybody has already been creeped out by this guy because everytime he subs he stares at the students while holding up a newspaper. So this completely freaked these two girls out. Girl 2 told me about it the next period and I was in such shock I had no idea what to do at first. So I called one of the teachers on their team (it’s middle school so there are teams) and she came down to my room so I could explain. So Mrs. Teacher went to get Girl 1 and she was asking her about it and Girl 1 told her how freaked out she was and in shock she was. So they went down to the office. Mrs. Teacher went in the principal’s office to let him know that she has a mess for him. Here’s the dialogue:
      MT: I have a mess for you
      P: oh you do?
      MT: Yeah, you know Mr. X?
      P: Yeah, he’s banned from here. (<—-shocker! I have no clue why he was there today)
      MT: Well apparently not today. (Then she explained what happened. )

      I'm not sure what action is being taken beyond this, but I"m sure that Mr. X won't be back.

      So now, the only people aware of this is the principal, myself and the teachers on the team on which this happened. We are all extremely disgusted by this situation. Mrs. Teacher feels incredibly guilty because about a month or so ago she was tempted to talk to the principal about getting this guy off the sub list because she felt something was off about him. I feel bad that the kids have had to be in this guy's presence and that this girl had to deal with this situation.

      It pisses me off for a variety of reasons as well. First, schools are supposed to be safe places for children. Second, everybody knew this guy was strange, he was supposed to not be allowed in our building. And third, it is crap like this that tarnishes our profession. You can't pat a kid on the back without getting weird looks, because of weirdos like this. I'm still in shock over today and it is 8:50pm here in Ohio. I will be going to bed tonight with a lot on my mind.

  3. Chris, you really are a master of suspense. Now you piqued my curiosity even more, as well as contributing another reason for me to lose sleep as I try to figure out how Mr. X. could have upped the ante on creepiness.

  4. I don’t even want to know. Getting away with the wine bottle with water in it was a big enough error for me and shows how out of balance some of our schools have become in the ongoing general deterioration.

    1. I agree. Showing up to school as a professional with your shirt inside out with a wine bottle should put up some major red flags. I have a feeling that today will result in some changes to our sub system

  5. OMG, it is inconceivable that somebody like that would be allowed anywhere near children. When you first mentioned him, I picture somebody a bit quirky – I must be really naive. Hopefully, there will be some major consequences for his abuse of power/authority.

    1. I wouldn’t say you’re naive. I didn’t see this coming, to be honest. I thought he was weird but I thought maybe he was just a weird, awkward person. This goes so beyond what I thought was conceivable. I don’t know what to think, really. I hope that there will be consequences as well.

      To make it worse, Girl 2 felt bad about telling me because she doesn’t want him “to be out of work”.

  6. Both girls need to meet with a counselor who will hopefully share with them that NEITHER of them did anything wrong and that it was absolutely right and good to have told someone.

    I would go to the union president, if there is one, or building rep, and ask that individual to put, in writing, why this teacher should not ever be allowed in the building and submit it to the principal.

    Thank you Chris. You did exactly what needed to be done. Trust your antennae….they are usually telling you the truth.

    with love,

    1. Thank you for the advice, Laurie. I will be speaking with the counselor tomorrow. Luckily, two of the teachers on that specific team are reps. I will probably talk to the union president tomorrow too.

      And thank you for the encouragement. I honestly had no idea at the time what to do or say, I was in absolute shock. I’m glad that I made the right decision.

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