Prayer 4

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24 thoughts on “Prayer 4”

  1. Ben,
    Thank you so much for your prayer and thanks to those that are praying with you. This post has brought tears to my eyes; not so much because you have rememberd those of us that are facing this impending storm (although it warms my heart) but because your prayers are my own about my teaching. I guess that’s the point of this PLC.
    I’m thankful for all of you and for the hope that, perhaps, I do not have to spend decades in suffering. I’m blessed to have found you all so early on in my career and to have this opportunity to feel real teaching. I’m thankful to experience happiness even in the midst of my fear. It’s the first time in 5 years that I have been happy in my profession. When it’s all said and done, what is 5 years compared to 30? Even a minute of suffering because we care too much in a system that barely cares at all is just a minute too many.
    I can spin some analogy about Sandy the Hurricane being like teaching: the calm before the storm, the rush for supplies at the store, the wind that will aim to pick you off your feet if you walk against it. In both cases, although the tools I have for survival may not be all that I need (and some not even necessary) the only thing I can do is wait with the hope that I can make it with what I’ve got, that the worst passes quickly and that the sun will shine again.
    Much Love,

      1. I hope so but they’re saying it’ll be worse than last year’s Irene. And my town has a river running through it and last year kids were body surfing in the middle of the street. Water water everywhere. I’m off tomorrow since its a state of emergency here, and possibly Tues but we will see. I’ve got batteries, candles, flashlights and canned foods. Oh, and my hubby and 2 fur babies. It’s midnight and nothing yet….I’m just trying to get in my cyber surfing in case we lose power tomorrow.

  2. Prayers for all of those who have no one praying for them: the homeless, the lonely, the fiercely independent, the invisible. Keep us all from paralyzing fear and crippling nonchalance and open our hearts to our neighbors, brothers and sisters. Keep the first responders and volunteers in Your Light.
    Prayers for those facing the hurricanes in life which are as devastating to our equilibrium as Sandy is to the country.
    Prayers for all of us just trying to to our best today.
    with gratitude,
    ps. Thank you Ben for starting this prayer circle.

  3. Thanks so much to all of you for your positive thoughts and good wishes. We’ve retreated to the basement and hope for the best. As you can see, our connection to the outside world is still working.
    We are sending our prayers to all those who are in a worse situation than us – may we all get through this unscathed.
    Hope to be back with all of you again soon.

  4. Thanks Ben for your prayer and the reminder of what is most important. The burden of teaching is light when we keep the words you shared in mind. My prayers too go out for all you in the storms. I am filled with great gratitude for all of you in this wonderful community. – David

  5. Amen and amen.
    No, we do not play the coward; though the outward part of our nature is being worn down, our inner life is refreshed from day to day. This light and momentary affliction brings with it a reward multiplied every way, loading us with everlasting glory; if only we will fix our eyes on what is unseen, not on what we can see. What we can see, lasts but for a moment; what is unseen is eternal.
    2 Corinthians 4:16-18 (Knox Bible)

    1. Robert’s point about letting an inner life support and sustain the outward part of us – that is always being DISMANTLED in a particularly noxious way in school buildings – is huge. We’re talking mental health here. I always think about how I heard once that as soon as a human being’s head hits the pillow every night there is applause from the angels. I think it’s true, I mean, like, really. The good part is we are almost through big bad October. We can get this method, as per:

  6. So thankful for this prayer–it’s too easy to watch the weather channel in a kind of numb shock (or relief that we are not affected). We need the reminder that life is so much bigger than our little everyday worlds. We need to fix our eyes on the unseen.

  7. O.k., just got back on the grid (so much sooner than expected). Our house was spared but the neighborhood is destroyed. When we finally turned on the TV after only having heard about all the unbelievable destruction on AM radio, we were and still are in such utter shock and disbelief. I cannot wrap my mind around what happened here just a few days ago. We have been unable to reach family in Long Beach and a majority of the homes in the district where I work were flooded. Needless to say, no school until further notice. Thank you all so much for sending your prays and positive thoughts our way – they sure helped. Now it is time to push up our sleeves and start digging out. Maybe the powers that be give strength to those who were so much less fortunate in those difficult days and months ahead.

    1. Sabrina Janczak

      Oh my God Brigitte, this is so horrible! My prayers go to all your neighbors and all the people that are homeless today b/c of this tragedy . It’s hard to believe and seeing all the pictures of the devastation is hard wrenching. It is hard to be sitting here going on with my life and feeling so helpless. What else can we do besides sending money through trustworthy charitable organizations????
      Please let us know if there is anything else we can do. My sister is in New Jersey and she told me schools there are also closed indefinitely and she says she had to wait 6 hours in line for gas and they are rationing it.
      We are all thinking and praying that those who were affected in any way can somehow find the strength to go on and rebuild their lives. Please give us updates when you can.

  8. Mind-blowing. Wow. So glad to hear you are safe and also sad to hear about your neighborhood. Will you let us know what is the best way to help from afar…or not so far? Often we have the impulse but not the most useful instincts. xxoo

  9. Thank you all so much. Right now, it’s pretty much neighbors helping neighbors. The true test will come once Sandy has disappeared from the news media and the rest of the country goes back to their daily routines. From what we can see, the relief organizations are doing a good job and the local utility companies are doing the best they can to restore, repair and rebuild. It all takes time and the best we can do is be patient with each other and with the ones who are trying to help. It is hard to pinpoint where help is needed most. I am reluctant to suggest monetary donations as so much of the money is used for administrative purposes before it ever reaches the needy. My family and friends in Austria have asked me to identify particularly needy families and they prefer to help directly. I will do so when we get back to school, as I know that my school community was so much harder hit than the village where I live (we’re on a higher elevation and sustained wind damage but no flooding). At this point, I think everybody will appreciate that you keep them in your hearts and prayers and strong will and determination will prevail.
    Thank you all for being there!

  10. My brother works for Central Maine Power Co (owned by Iberdrola – A Spanish Co-) and is heading to Long Island NY tomorrow morning to help with the power restoration efforts there. Nothing is easy though- His wife spent the last two days in ICU and had us mighty worried…. She is out and doing better but it was scary for a while…
    So sorry for all of devastation – we are thinking and praying for everyone in need!

  11. Brigitte-thanks for such a specific update. Those of us, who did not experience this, are overwhelmed by the news of people’s losses and suffering and feel inadequate to respond. I am glad there is enough infrastructure in place for people to begin to get services and basic needs met. You are so right about the future. We can’t let this drop off the radar like we do most news. Those, who are the least prepared for tragedies like this, are those who need the most help. I pray it will be there for them in the short and long term.

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