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17 thoughts on “New Forum Initiative”

  1. If I post on the Forum, is there a way to get email notices? I stepped in there once virtually but it seemed a little dead. They simply ran out of turnips.

    1. We asked about this with Trevor, the builder of this website. He said that is not possible unfortunately. But it is getting a little busier over there so hopefully the soup is starting to simmer.

  2. The Forum has been dead for awhile. I rarely went there. I tried to make it a place for new people but there wasn’t enough time in the day. So now we are trying it again, to free the blog up from being all about one thing. I don’t think email notices are available or necessary because the big thing happening here for the next year or so at least is assessment and it’s going to be happening over there on the Forum. Also with the Invisibles – I will be posting over there on them.

    1. Yes! I posted there a question more or less about this when I joined and sure enough totally dead but it’s cool I got my questions answered in the blog.

      1. It is about to get all active over there. Go check it out. There are new topics and everything.
        I am psyched to get over there and get into the topics with you guys. There are some cool features over there like the ability to edit your writing and the ability to start a new thread yourself within the topic. It will be a good tool for collaborating on these heavy topics.

  3. I posted a question yesterday on the forum. I didn’t expect a quick response both because of the nature of the question and because the forum is still pretty much on vacation. I hope it’s okay that I bring that question here.

    I have 3-4 seventh grade students who started French with me last year but whose schedules this year won’t allow them to have French. Instead of switching to Spanish, the principal is offering them the chance to do independent French with some kind of program or app on the computer. I know it’s not great, but it’s something, and they can come back to my class in 8th grade.
    They are motivated and into French.
    Can any of you recommend an app or software that is as CI-friendly as possible?
    I’ve looked into some but would love to have some recommendations if anyone has any. I know there is nothing like our classes, but . . .
    Thank you!

    1. Hey Ruth. I would love to know what you find. I kinda think you won’t find anything good, though. I had a similar situation last year where 2 students in a class of 25 were novice-low while the vast majority where Spanish heritage. (This was a diploma program class at my IB school… such mixed-abilities, I’m understanding, happens a lot in IB diploma program classes.) The best thing I could find for them was on the computers in the back of the room. It’s an okay computer program. They didn’t learn much, though. I’m sure Rosetta Stone is the same.

      But, I’m going to have a situation like this again this year and have to think of something to do with them. Argh!

    2. I don’t know… thinking out loud here… what about video taping myself teaching a beginner level class period, uploading it and showing it to these unfortunately placed students on the computers in the back of the classroom when I have them in class? Sounds like a lot of work. I’d have to have access to a video recorder every day.

    3. Another idea… set up a conversation exchange online for each individual kid. I’m going to look for online conversation exchange sites right now that might be helpful.

      1. Very funny, Claire. I’m afraid my situation is not so funny. It sucks. I have a handful of novice-low kids in a heritage class, basically. And I’m supposed to give them meaningful instruction. It’s a real drag on those kids and on me.

        It seems like I just need to try to advocate for them as best as I can by getting admin to somehow, someway, place them in non-heritage classes.

          1. Actually, I thought your post and Krashen’s article was funny. Sorry, I guess I sounded sarcastic there 🙂

            These handful of novice-level kids in my otherwise heritage classes don’t have the proficiency level to even read something like Brandon quiere un perro.

            But you are making me think that maybe I can put a independent research project together for them where they are reading English books. That just might be the best idea, coupled with some time on Duolingo.

  4. Have you looked into LingQ? I believe they have some kind of special arrangements they are willing to make with teachers.

    LingQ is where I get my own CI.

    1. Shirley, I see on LingQ that you can set up a one-on-one conversation with a tutor. That sounds pretty darn cool! As I said above, I’d like to try to set up these misplaced kids in my class with conversation partners. Have you conversed with a tutor on LingQ, Shirley? If so, how did it go?

  5. Thank you Sean and Shirley. I think I will probably start with Duolingo. It’s free, easy to use, and they have a “classroom” option for teachers that I can set up for these kids. They will be doing this in the library completely on their own, so I’d like to be able to see what they are doing.
    I can’t wait to have them back in class in 8th grade.
    Good luck, Sean, with finding conversation exchanges for your students. Mine aren’t ready for that yet.

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