Need Three Stories

I would like to ask the group for any recommendations of really simple stories that I can use in the iFLT conference. I need three for the three days of instuction next week and so far I only have “A Fight”. Honestly, I think that the kids can get those more complex stories by Anne even on the first day, if in a more limited way.

Anyway, if you have any ideas for stories send them. Tripp’s stories might be really good here. Jim? If anyone suggests a story please just paste the entire story into a comment box below so we can all read it and maybe add to our collection of “first stories” in that category.



7 thoughts on “Need Three Stories”

  1. This has to be a Matava Script

    is happy

    Cassandra está feliz porque ella ve a un muchacho guapo. Cassandra está feliz porque ella ve no solo un muchacho guapo–ella ve a dos muchachos guapos.

    Cassandra ve a Devon y a Joey. Cassandra ve a ellos. Devon ve a Cassandra y Joey ve a Cassandra. Ellos ven a Cassandra. Cassandra ve a ellos en el centro comercial. Cassandra canta en el centro comercial para los muchachos. Cassandra canta bien para ellos. Ellos están felices.
    Devon habla con Cassandra. Devon le dice, «Hola, bonita,» a Cassandra. Cassandra le dice, «Hola, guapo,» a él. Devon está muy feliz.
    Joey no está feliz porque Devon habla con Cassandra. Joey habla con Cassandra y le dice a ella: «Hola, muchacha muy bonita.» Cassandra ve a Joey y le dice «Hola, muchacho muy guapo.»
    Cassandra tiene un problema. El problema es muy grande. Ella no tiene un problema pequeño. El problema de Cassandra es que ella ve a 2 muchachos y los dos muchachos son guapos. ¡Qué problema grande!

  2. Simple. Easy. And very interesting to the kids. Thanks, Drew! Could anyone provide an English version in the comment space below? I think this story may have solved the problem. I don’t feel as if The Fight is captivating enough – it has no meat on it. But this story could work on a first day, and I could actually use it all during all three days of the workshop, one location each day. For those interested, I will post the final final version of my lesson plans here soon. Comments, votes up or down for this story, are welcome.

    1. sees
      is happy

      Cassandra is happy because she sees a handsome boy. Cassandra is happy because she not only sees a handsome boy – she sees two handsome boys.

      Cassandra sees Devon and Joey. Cassandra sees them in the mall. Cassandra sings in the mall for the boys. Cassandra sings well for them. They are happy.

      Devon talks with Cassandra. Devon says to her, “Hello pretty/gorgeous”. Cassandra says to him “Hello, handsome”. Devon is very happy.

      Joey is not happy because Devon is talking with Cassandra. Joey talks with Cassandra and says to her “Hey very pretty girl”. Cassandra sees Joey and says to him “Hello very handsome boy”. Cassandra has a problem. The problem is very big. She doesn’t have a small problem. Cassandra’s problem is she sees 2 boys and the 2 boys are handsome. What a big problem!

      . Ella no tiene un problema pequeño. El problema de Cassandra es que ella ve a 2 muchachos y los dos muchachos son guapos. ¡Qué problema grande!

  3. How about Susie’s ate, went, was angry? Or sent a text in class, was not paying attention, teacher was angry. I think that might be Anne’s. Another Matava : wanted to get married, took a walk, held her in his arms. Mes deux centimes.

  4. Thanks and thanks for the translation Chris. I think I have it worked out. One Matava story over three days. I’ll use Lazy because I know it so well. When we ranked Matava stories last year that story appeared in many lists. One location each day. It’ll work. Thanks for all the help. My new final final final lesson plans will be posted at the iFLT website in the next day or so.

  5. Well, you can’t go wrong with Lazy. But if you change you mind and you want an additional or different story, I would go with Brrrr! (Underlined details didn’t transfer.)

    Other good options for super simple from my book would be Halloween (not good time of year though), The Phone Call, or Nice to Meet You.

    Sorry for my delay in responding Ben, I’m up in Breck right now enjoying my pre-conference vacation with the family. It’s a little chilly (and rainy) right now actually, but wonderfully beautiful up here in the mountains. Looking forward to seeing some of you soon!


    is cold
    gives him
    puts it on

    Bobby is cold. Bobby says to Kendra, “I’m cold!” Kendra gives him a stocking cap. Bobby puts it on his foot.

    Bobby is still cold. He says to Kendra, “I’m cold!” Kendra gives him a shirt. Bobby puts it on his nose.

    Bobby is still cold. He says to Kendra again, “I’m cold!” Kendra gives him a pair of sunglasses. Bobby puts them on his bellybutton. He isn’t cold anymore.

  6. Thanks Jim. It’s a good one and it is a lot cooler there than down here so it’s a good story. See you tomorrow! I love your stories.

    The variables were lost in the transfer to the comment box. I will underline them. If they are wrong, just tell me and I will fix.

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