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9 thoughts on “Inside/Outside”

  1. I don’t have any ideas for those words but I would like to share that Angie’s very question shows us that she is thinking like a CI teacher. We don’t teach from a book some concept that we’re supposed to teach. We plan differently. We ask ourselves what we want to teach. What does that mean?
    What Do I Want to Teach?
    I find it very helpful to ask myself before each class, “What do I want to teach today?” or “What am I teaching today?” The answer should be some short chunk of words, or two or three chunks, and that’s all for the whole class period.
    Let’s say I want to teach these structures:
    assis(e) en face de – seated across from
    ressemble à – looks like, resembles
    il ne faut pas – you must not, one must not
    That’s what I want to teach that day. I don’t want to teach a thematically organized list of words via a computer or book program with the latest bells and whistles. That just confuses everyone. I am not trying to package a product for my students to consume, because language acquisition cannot be packaged. I target only a few structures during the course of a class period because that’s all my students can handle.
    The nightmare is that, when students are not taught in this way, they have no results to show for their efforts, and they most likely end up hating the language and its culture, most having quit as soon as they satisfied whatever their requirement was for course credit.
    What do I want to teach? I want to teach those structures. I want to stay in bounds.

  2. Jeffery Brickler

    I would do something with windows and looking out windows. Outside is this and inside is this. Imagine what is outside. If you see a guy outside, who is he, what is he doing? Is he a spy, murderer. Is he coming inside. Will you stay inside if he comes inside? Look out the window and see if the weather is nice. Do you want to be inside or outside? Do you like to be inside or outside?
    Using a window it becomes a look and discuss and then we compare with what is inside. Just some thoughts.

    1. When we do the (almost) daily weather, the students want to say it is hot because it is warm in the room. So the teacher come-back, “Is it hot outside?” “No it is hot inside (or in the class).” “What is it outside?” “It is cold.”
      Today there were clouds, so: “What color are the clouds outside?” “White.” “How many clouds are outside?” “10.”
      “Are there clouds inside?” “Yes.” “How many clouds are inside?” “5” “What color are the clouds inside?” “Purple” “Where are the purple clouds that are inside, on the floor or on the ceiling?” “On the ceiling” “Where on the ceiling are the purple clouds that are inside?” “There is one cloud.” “There is cloud number two.” “Are there purple clouds outside?” “Are the purple clouds outside or inside?”

  3. PQA questions:
    Do you eat potato chips inside of / outside of your sandwich?
    Do you wear your pajamas inside of /outside of the house?
    Do you wear a hat inside of/outside of school? (we have a hat rule…and this ALWAYS spins into a story!)
    Do you want a pool/hot tub inside of /outside of your house?
    Does your cat pee inside of/outside of your house?
    Story ideas:
    Mrs Obama does not allow the President to ___________ inside of the White House. He looks for places to ___________ inside the White House anyway. She always finds him. She yells, “OUTSIDE, NOW !”
    A cat brings a dead mouse inside of the house for his owner. The owner finds it and puts it outside. The cat doesn’t understand, brings the mouse inside and leaves it in another location. (you could include inside/outside here also: inside the oven, outside the bedroom door, inside the fireplace, outside of the toy box.
    (Haiyun’s cat once left her a mouse inside the laundry!!!!!!! True story!!)
    with love,

  4. You could also have some sort of a container, such as a box, and ask the class what’s inside the box? What’s happening inside the box? Is there a party? A leprechaun? A cake for the teacher?
    What’s happening inside the teacher’s head? Why?
    What’s happening inside…’s head?
    What do you (or the teacher) like to do outside? …outside in the rain / when it’s sunny / when it’s cloudy?
    Just a few thoughts…

  5. I just had a thought on that Angie. These to me are tweener words. They may not need to be taught. They could be two of the concrete pieces in this image:
    But it’s cool that you are trying to teach them. I’m just making the point that so many words will come along naturally for the ride if we just focus on the big boys – verbal chunks – in our conversations with the kids. Same with the nouns. Bless their hearts, they are just suitors for verbs.
    How odd for those teachers who don’t get how comprehensible input is about unconscious absorption and organization of the language by the deeper mind. All we have to do is speak the language and words like inside/outside will eventually be acquired. So not to worry, whether you focus on these words or not, they will acquired, with time.
    Isn’t it nice to know that we’re not in charge?

  6. Thanks for the thoughts and ideas. I’m in this kind of in-between situation where the dept. is “proficiency-based” and moving towards more CI but is also still wedded to the thematic units. I’m in “the house” unit now and it’s feeling a lot more constraining than the “family” unit and the “this is me” unit. I get to do stories and readings also, but this “house” thing is getting in the way!! Today I had some fun with slides doing “inside/outside”. Plus there was an actual rainbow outside the classroom yesterday!!! Also writing stories about stuff that happens in houses. Makes for some good R and D. Today I actually had some R and D on a story that included parallel stories about the kids and their cats…I think the whole parallel stories thing takes a lot of skill. I was pretty psyched that I pulled it off for the first time.

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