Scripting Stories

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5 thoughts on “Scripting Stories”

  1. I am still so torn about this whole asking in the past and reading in the present tense. Since everything is happening right then and there during story asking, I always use the present and then write it up in the past tense, since the kids inevitably assume that a story has to be in the past. I can’t even figure out how to ask the story in the past. Would it go something like “…..aha, Johnny buys a new car. Did Johnny buy a new car or a new coat? Where did Johnny buy the car?” etc., etc. Is that how you do it?

  2. If “buys a car” is the target structure in the script, you PQA that, asking if some kid in your class bought a new car, is buying one today, or is going to buy one in the future, right there you have options on what tense you want to PQA the structure in. That could be half of an hour of PQA. The tense you use for PQA is always determined by the nature of the structure. But very often PQA is in the present.

    Now, this is what I do: whatever tense I PQA’d the structure in, the minute the story starts and I shift my attention from the PQA to the first line of the story, I throw my thumb over my shoulder and say the sentence (with variables of course being change/provided in the form of cute answers by my own students) and the story then unfolds totally in the past.

  3. I just had the biggest “Aha” moment! I can now visualize it. It’s almost as if the story already exists in my head (which very often it does) as a narration, therefore, in some kind of past tense. So, I would ask for the details something like “Who bought a new car? Where did so and so buy a new car?” I can’t believe it took me that long to finally get it. So, off to a new start tomorrow.

    1. Andrew Edwards

      This question doesn’t have a whole lot to do with this post. But….I was wondering if I could get some input about people reusing story scripts and changing the perspective and/or tense? Last semester I taught Spanish 1 and we did stories all in the present tense. Now I am teaching Spanish 2 and working in the past. I realize it sucks to focus just on one tense at a time but I am shackled by district curriculum and common assessments. I teach in a fairly big school and I only have a few of my kids from Spanish 1 in my current class so it will be new to the vast majority. So I guess my question is, do any of you reuse stories to changing the tense and/or perspective (1st, 2nd, 3rd person, plural forms, etc) or do you mostly just write new stories from a different perspective. I’m finding it hard to keep coming up with new stories all the time since I have to balance other grammar topics and endless lists of vocabulary. I’ve been seeing very positive results so far using stories and I don’t want to go back to explicit grammar teaching to finish up the year. Thank you for any guidance you may be able to give.

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