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12 thoughts on “Cartoon”

  1. LMAO. Thank you. I’m in the last week of school and between having a two year old who is getting over a stomach bug and feeling overwhelmed with finals, this was a welcome laugh.

  2. Ben,
    FIRST TIME I’m signing in as a new subscriber.
    Wow. It’s your sandbox.
    I imagine it’ll be considered O.K. for anyone out there to rant against me because it’s easy to be aggressive if you are not in a conversation with someone face to face.

    In response to the misuse of the innocence of a children’s book:
    Let your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should respond to each person.

    If anyone has read a higher code to live by, please share it, if it’s at least a couple of millennia old. Twitter’s standard of ethics has probably not been around long enough to stand the test of time.

    eirene. Peace. Really.

    1. Neal, thanks for being willing to speak up and speak out, whether others agree with you or not.

      On Ben’s blog, we genuinely care about one another and attack ideas, not people. The cartoon is not typical of what goes on in the blog, and I was a bit surprised to see it there.

      Generally the conversations revolve around how we can improve life for both our students and ourselves in the school system. I, like most people on the blog, believe it is dysfunctional but still better than the “popular” and populist “solutions” that are being touted as the latest and greatest scheme to improve test scores. Sometimes our zeal carries us away, but then someone comes and helps us remember that zeal is not an excuse for rudeness or disrespect. Thanks for being that person.

      And welcome to the blog.

      Shalom, Charis, and Eirene to you as well.

      1. Robert and Neal don’t preach at me if I see something that makes me laugh and I post it here. I don’t tell you what to write. Laughter is a huge deal to me. I am so tired of people schooling others about what is right or wrong in this world. Here comes Neal whom I don’t know from Adam and he tells me to play nice. That is not how I roll. This is my blog, with 51,000 comments and almost 11,000 posts on it. If I decide to make a rare political statement, it’s ok for me to do that. We need to laugh.

        There is no correct way. No one is holier than any one else. We are all struggling in a very tense world just to get by. Some of us aren’t making it. We are collapsing under the psychic weight of our jobs. We can barely get to work on certain days. Because of all the assholes. We just don’t say it. But we have families to support and so we keep going to work when it is all we can do most days to keep from just running the fuck out of our buildings. Some of us have thought about suicide in part because of our jobs. And now in a private space I made for us to share whatever we feel with others, I get admonished for a Pooh joke? WTF?

        On top of your two comments, much more serious but in the same vein of my complaint against you two here, is that when I turned to NT last year I lost a TON of friendships in our community. I found it hard to believe that that happened. But people whom I once respected just wouldn’t talk to me and many blasted me online. But now I must ask if those were really friendships. Are we friends if we act only in a certain way, so that our friendships are based in what we say and do and not just on who we are? That thought makes my socks roll up and down.

        No. In my view friendships should be based on a person being allowed to think and speak how they want. If they are not “corrected” for their “incorrect” speech or ideas, then that is a sign of a friendship. The loss of friendships over my views on targeting was horrific. But I came to that conclusion after 40 years in the profession! So yeah, very glad to dump those false friends!

        Same with you two. I get admonished for something that made me laugh out loud? Because the world is just so damn tense now? A political joke? About a buffoon who is hurting a lot of people who are poor or different? Again, WTF?

    2. You would not find too much personal ranting against another colleague here. It is, for most of us, a happy place to come and get support and love, and what Ben has built here has helped many people maintain their sanity through some dark days, and he protects it with his life.

      Maybe you like Trump’s presidency so far. Maybe the recently-released education-gutting budget hasn’t made you pause and pray for the future of this wealthy-ass country that can’t manage to fund our most precious resource, our children’s development.

      Are you really under the impression that anyone here would be so callous as to rant against a fellow teacher in the same way that they would rant against a presidency (for it is not the man himself but those who surround him, his band of white supremacists and take-down-the-government Gilded Age 2.0 robber barrons) whose mission is obviously to enrich the already-rich at the expense of, well, everything, up to and including the viability of Planet Earth as a place for us to call home.

      Having been around a while, that seems too much of a leap to me, to think that a mere cartoon could signal the end of civility in the PLC here. I have seen Ben escort people out of this blog for getting all up on each other’s faces, so do not concern yourself over that. He protects his “sandbox” with intense ferocity.

      It’s not a political place here, usually, but, hey these are completely unprecedented times we are living in, hein?

  3. You have no idea how much this brightened my day. Especially because, when I was 14, I collected EVERYTHING Pooh related. I was psycho about it.

    1. They say what made us happy in middle school is what would make us happy as adults, if we would only let it. In middle school I was obsessed with Louisa May Alcott and drawing.

  4. Sean M Lawler

    The word f*** is used in this cartoon to express frustration. There is nothing hateful in it. Nothing grown ups shouldn’t be able to have a sense of humor about.

    Ben, please try to let go this misdirected angst. It’s misdirected. Oh well.

    Of course we can’t separate our politics from our teaching. You do a great job of being inclusive here. An amazing job, all the while pushing our thinking and our practice to be of greater service to our students.

    One post in a hundred that might be political seems conservative to me.

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