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Three and Done Helps jGR

The Three and Done blank spreadsheet helps jGR. Three and Done has the result of limiting behaviors that distract from what the child should be doing in trying to align with jGR and the Classroom Rules.

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David Maust on Signing 3

These comments by David about how he uses signing in his classroom might turn out to be of true value to some of us, and something that we can immediately put into our classes with potentially

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David Maust on Signing 2

David Maust has shared his work with us here in a recent post: One specific thing that David brings to our discussion about how to get better at comprehension based instruction is his use

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David Maust on Signing 1

This is a long but super excellent article from our own David Maust. It includes video and discussion of same. Hi Ben, I hope you are well! I put up some videos from my class

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San Diego Conference Next Summer

I spoke with Diana Noonan today and she said there is a San Diego conference that is planned for next summer, in July. I had made a decision not to go to summer conferences any

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