Yoshi First Clips

I am going to float these links here (the first two of eight) again. We have six more 10′ clips to go to complete the two classes that I taped last week. In particular, I want to know if the (English translation) titles are worth the time I put into them or is the video sufficient by itself to convey what is going on (for non-French speakers) without the titles? And please tell me if the voiceover option helps.
First 10′ clip (PQA to set up a story):
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZiJRBveZz0 (voiceover)
Second 10′ clip (first part of a story):

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui0Ypfe8_aU (voiceover)



3 thoughts on “Yoshi First Clips”

  1. Love the rolling comments over the screen. I get the sense that you are totally relaxed. I am okay without the subtitles. Would like to know if non French speakers like seeing them. There is a real sense of play and joy in your classroom. Oscar is adorable and was a good sport – you cajoled him so nicely with the “pleurez une fois”. You are getting really good at this video stuff! Applaudissez!

  2. I too like the rolling comments over the screen and I am fine with the subtitles even though I understand almost everything you say in French. (I am still at the pre-speech stage.) The voice over video has a very bad echo on my computer so I found it distracting, and I couldn’t hear you speaking French very well.
    I do so enjoy watching you teach.

  3. That echo was something in that clip alone, I think. I couldn’t figure it out but it shouldn’t be a problem in the future. Thanks for the kind words – they instill confidence in me in what is for me a scary thing to do. But, I would rather be scared than hold back on something that I believe can help others and especially kids who needn’t suffer in their language classrooms. The laid back feel on those clips is because I had no hope of any real mojofication and won’t really until I figure this cultural divide thing out and gain more of their trust so they don’t think I’m an ICE agent. Boy that is an intense thought. It makes me think that the answer to the Joey Krashen thing is that we should just stop class and have those L1 side conversations more in the beginning of the year and then once we get to know them and the trust and personalized feel is there, live and well throughout the classroom, we can then wean them into 98% L2 so that by spring and level 2 there is high mojo and very little use of English. I will get to the next part of that story, the other footage of the rest of the story where I go way out of bounds, but we have a little Occupy Denver thing going on tomorrow at noon so I want to be there for that. But I’ll get to the new tapes real soon.

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