Update On Columbia/Liz Hughes

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3 thoughts on “Update On Columbia/Liz Hughes”

  1. Liz, relative to the amount of teachers who are out there, we are very (to the nth power) few. We must, therefore, share what we know with our colleagues. This sharing hasn’t always been pretty, as the backlash against comprehensible input has been so strong, with teachers getting downright nasty with us. So when we offer this stuff to any colleagues who want to honestly know what it is we do (vs. come to a workshop to find fault), then we just say that this is the best we can do at it, and there has always been that spirit of “still learning” among most of us, as we try to get Krashen’s ideas more and more out there. We do so because we know that the potential here is off the charts, and has the ability to make millions of kids’ days happier. If that is not a worthy reason to, as you say, “I sure am trying!”, then I don’t know what is. This is activist work we are doing, make no mistake. It is all part of the big change, and so we, who don’t consider ourselves any great shakes at this, just go out and share because we just have to. We have to, in the same sense that Jonas Salk discovered the vaccine for polio and chose not to own it and sell it as his own, stating that it belonged to humanity. This is service work, and there you are, a few miles from where I began my career and spent eleven years right over there on the other side of the Congaree River, where I saw a wild boar once on a run, as you work to explain this stuff to teachers who weren’t even born when I started there at Heathwood Hall, I am very proud in the knowledge that, in spite of all appearances, most of us in this CI game are in it to help and serve others in a spirit of service to humanity. What the hell else is there to do at this point in our country’s history? We serve how we can, and Krashen has given us all something that can really do some good in the failed school systems that cover our fair land like zits.

  2. Thanks so much for your support, Ben. It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful that Leslie encouraged me to go! You are right, Ben. We need to spread this message. What happened in SC was so great…and had nothing to do with me. The method is so powerful. Michel said I was a good saleswoman. No one has EVER called me that… I guess it is easy to sell something that works; something that I believe in. Seriously. In what other profession would Michel and I be able to use video from other presenters? We not only got permission, but ENCOURAGEMENT from you and from Susie to do so. I feel so lucky to be a part of this movement. Thanks again! Thanks to Krashen, Blaine Ray, Susie Gross, Carol Gaab, Donna Tatum-Johns, Linda Li, Ben Slavic, Leslie Davison, Tina Susic…and all those other cowboys and cowgirls who post to this blog! I am a better educator because of all of you.

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