Untargeted – 4

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13 thoughts on “Untargeted – 4”

    1. I just read the quote on your blog Grant and I have to say that when I think about, as Ben says, my arbitrarily chosen targets I get in the “lets cover this stuff” mode and the personalization really never remains the priority. Then I wonder weeks later why there isn’t more of a community feel in the class.

    2. Noticing kids.
      “Joe wore a new t-shirt with flying cats, rainbows and unicorns and he’s just dying to have someone notice it (and him!?).”
      I have been thinking a lot lately about how our assessment and instruction should both be built on this foundation of noticing kids. How kids should be the curriculum. I still believe that language is a special discipline, being our diving birthright and all. So we are the absolute luckiest, we language teachers who can see that our job is, fundamentally, simply to be a human being and do what human beings do that makes us feel most fully and deeply human – NOTICE each other in an endless conversation in community. Imagine, creating a job for yourself where you are required only to show up and BE A HUMAN with other humans.

  1. I love this. It’s almost like he’s really getting to know his students on a real and genuine level! What a freaky concept. I love that Grant has used the language to patiently build a bridge between people.

      1. Yes this was my observation but I’ve been dabbling in the subtle and sordid art of Sarcasm. I’m still not very good.

        Can you tell me about the repeating of targets? I heard a “Hoo-Hoo” and a “Yo-yo”

        1. Grant is in Spain right now so I will respond here. He has the “hoy” kid whose job it is to say “hoy” when Grant says “hoy”. Also there is (I think) a “who” kid who says “whoo whoo” when Grant says “Quién”
          I do the same in my classes, they are not targets exactly as they are use daily all year long. This is a real time saver for me as it saves me walking over to point to the question words. Of course, the walking does build in SLOW speech which is also critical. I do not employ the caller-out kids till about a month into school so I am forced to walk across the room and it helps me go slower. Mercury in Gemini, bro. Slow is my lifelong journey. 😉
          You want a list of the caller–out jobs I have? You know you do!

          Who kid (says whoooo when I say Quién and whoo whoo when I say Quiénes and WITH WHOM? WITH WHOM? when I say Con quién)

          When kid (says WHEN WHEN? dramatically – I coach them to say it like they are asking WHEN shall we know JUSTICE? WHEN shall we know PEACE?)

          But kid (Ben uses this as the “Mais Bleater” but I just have the kid say “But” like it is slightly naughty, I think this is hilarious, I love 7th grade humor!)

          Where kid (Looks at the floor and says WHERE? WHERE? I coach them to really ham it up and put their arms out dramatically as if looking for their misplaced wedding ring at the altar. Also says TO WHERE? TO WHERE? when I say Adónde)

          The bonus is when I use these as conjunctions, I stop and signal to the kid (with a “calm yourself” hand motion) that it is not a dramatic question, but a conjunction, and they say simply (in the flattest possible tone cause it is funnier like that) where, or when, or who.

          Suddenly Kid: Jumps up, does a cheerleader move, clapping hands under a raised leg, when I say Suddenly

          Entonces Kid: Says Soooooooooooo….. when I say “Entonces”

          You could do this with any other words too. These are the biggies for me though. I add them slowly and they are useful to me and hilarious to the kids. It weirds me out that even after months of this, they still get laughs. 🙂

  2. Well Steve all 65 of them are listed in the Jobs for Kids category but understand that the really powerful ones as per the past few years have evolved into what would require quite a detailed discussion. Those jobs have really evolved over the past 15 years here!

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