Teacher of the Month – March 2014 – Eric Herman

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18 thoughts on “Teacher of the Month – March 2014 – Eric Herman”

  1. Yep, seriously!

    Eric’s videos of teaching English in Honduras I recently sent as a link to my department chair, who (after a long time…) said she was renewing some interest in TPRS after I explained the 3 steps in brief at a department meeting. (Otherwise my coworkers’ impression was basic TPR and reading stories.) I thought that his teaching example would be an excellent first impression.

    1. That is a good idea Diane. It has been long recommended that we go through TPRS in a language we do not know, otherwise it makes no sense. We do not feel what the student feels. But watching Eric teach English to Spanish speakers, even though I know both languages, I sympathetically experience what the students are feeling as I watch. These are good videos to recommend colleagues.

  2. Definitely. I cannot keep up with Eric. While I am still mulling over something he has said, something else pops up.

    And his website…I really had no interest in a website until I saw how he created a wealth of CI information for students and parents.

  3. Perfect choice! Eric, you are a stellar teacher, a enlightened educator, a clear and thoughtful writer and a wonderful human being.

    with love,

  4. Eric is AMAZING!!! I was fortunate enough to meet him in Maine in October, and he is such a wealth of information — VERY impressive for such a young guy!! (and such a CUTIE too!) 🙂 Congrats Eric!!! (will you come to Maine again this Fall?)

  5. Congrats Eric! I enjoy reading whats been on your mind and the videos you’ve posted on youtube have been a major help to me. Thanks for being an engineer on the CI train and keeping all the cows off the tracks.

  6. What a terrific choice. I love the discussions on and off list with him. He is such a deep thinker and he asks such pertinent questions. It’s especially fun when we disagree and have a continued conversation about those points of disagreement.

    Such an asset to the language teaching community. Congratulations Eric!

  7. Awww 😉 I’m really flattered and honored. This means a lot to me. Admittedly, this work, specifically this PLC, is an addiction (I’ve read every single comment since September!).

    I’m happy to hear my videos, website, and comments are of service. Much like Ben, I use this PLC as a platform to work out my thoughts and get feedback to fine tune them. I like constructive criticism and want to know when I’m straying off the train tracks. And more than anything, and I probably speak for many of us when I say, the comments/ideas of the members of this listserv have been the #1 most influential factor on my teaching. I ask myself: “What would Laurie do?” and I look up to Teri, Ben, Diane, and others as train conductors in this FL teaching Revolution!

    I hope to be in Maine next year and accompanied by my 2 local teacher converts! 🙂

  8. Oh YEAH! I think of Eric as a CI zen master. I got to experience this teaching energy live at Maine 2013 coaching session (shameless plug for Skip’s awesomeness in making this happen–don’t miss it next year!). The strength of his calm presence was what captivated me and has been a great reminder when I get wound up…slow it down, turn it down (volume), relax. Don’t feel the need to fill the space with noise or over exuberance. Hang out with what is happening, feel for the energy sparks rather than try so hard to create them (you can’t!). Then fan the flames with more slow questions and genuine interest in each student.

    His website is one I have shared with many people. I think I will make my own website. It will be a link to Eric’s 😉 I really appreciate his generosity and digging into the research. I am definitely one to geek out on these posts but rarely do I go to original source research. So thank you for that, Eric, along with everything else! 🙂

  9. Congrats, Eric! You deserve all the accolades and more. You inspire me on a daily basis and I am so grateful for your insight and thoughtful advice. Your students are so lucky to have you in their lives, and so are we. Thank you!

  10. Felicitaciones, Eric! I shared your research on elementary class time with my elementary colleagues who are facing severe time cuts, and they have found it to be very helpful and informative. Thanks for all you do!

  11. Sabrina Sebban_Janczak

    I’m a little late but would like to add that it’s a wonderful choice. I met Eric in Maine and he is indeed all the things that everyone has described above, and more.
    So belated congratulations to Eric!

  12. I am so grateful for all the references to the research on SLA that Eric makes for us here on the PLC. I admit, I tend to think I don’t need to read the research on my own because of Eric, especially, who cares to share what he discovers with us. Perhaps this is wrong of me, but it certainly speaks to Eric’s influence. Your genuine sense of inquiry to all things about learning and SLA are remarkable, Eric. Bravo!

  13. I agree with Ben’s statement, Eric -you do get us thinking! And I’m glad you follow all the latest SLA research and report very informatively on it here, as Sean said above, because I’m admittedly lacking in that department!

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