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Anne's student J, a former Hog, in a recent blog entry here (, wrote to her former teacher about what college German is like. Here is a follow up. J writes to Anne: "At this point I have learned how to teach myself the

Those who remember the heyday of the Realm in TPRS can recall the great excitement around the idea of building an entire year of stories around certain medieval/gang/whatever characters, as the class chose. I think I have finally figured out

In talking about planning classes, Jim said: "You have to use those assigned structures in CI that will be interesting enough for the student to listen to you, and be able to change things up enough to not lose their attention

This just in from Robert Harrell: Are we fearful of fun? I thought all of you would be interested in this article. It originally appeared in the Washington Post and deals with the necessity of fun in order to learn. Robert My guest