Student Surveys

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13 thoughts on “Student Surveys”

  1. Oh Sabrina!!! I’m sorry this happened to you! I started to read Grant’s post the other day (somewhere else) and got distracted and forgot – so thank you for reminding me — I’m going back to read it again! Thank you!!! Call me later – let’s chat! Have a great day!!! 🙂

  2. Luckily, you seem to have a principal with an open ear and a willingness to listen to a voice of reason. Good for you to speak up, not only for yourself but for all the teachers in your district who might have been disadvantaged by this rubric.
    I am sorry, though, that you had to go through this in the first place.

  3. It appears that Michael’s increasingly famous “Really?” comment applies to more than conflict within our buildings, but also to how the district sets up its evaluation of our work:
    I have also endured hours and hours of meetings in order to discuss this stuff. Hours and hours of finding ways to be transparent and friendly with colleagues that have been less than professional with me.
    The questions I was asking myself this morning were…
    Really? I battled 4 years with my department chair and colleagues for the ability to speak Spanish with my students?
    Really? I fought for 4 years for the right to teach TL literacy and read books and short stories?
    Really? I endured attacks and fought off other language teachers just to engage my students with topics that interested them?
    I would add two more:
    Really? I have to be evaluated on work that has nothing to do with me?
    Really? The template for evaluating science teachers is the same one used to evaluate me?

  4. Our questionnaire was devised by a committee. They had a bunch of questions to choose from and chose 10 with an 11th being “If you have other thoughts about your teacher and your learning, please share.”
    We only had to give the survey in one class. We had to do a reflection paper in which we included three items: 1) Something we can celebrate, 2) Something we can improve, 3) Some way that we can innovated, all based on the survey.
    No one saw the surveys except for the teacher, although the survey reflection page is part of our evaluation binders.
    Three questions elicited a high number of “unsure” responses, showing how meaningless this may be since our young evaluators do not understand the question. ”
    #9 I can show my learning in many ways (e.g., writing, graphs, pictures) in this class.” The graphs and pictures (and maybe the “e.g.” through them off.
    #10 In this class, students are allowed to work on assignments that interest them.” I think the word assignments through them off. Choose your own HW and projects? Pick 2 of 3 unrelated exercises from the text?
    On the other hand, the first one has been obvious for the whole year: “My teacher uses open-ended questions that enable me to think of multiple possible answers.”
    If you have not seen Grant’s list, check it out. He is setting the standard for student surveys.
    Sabrina, you deserve better in Denver. See Grant’s list:

  5. Hey everybody,
    I’m sorry I’ve been AWOL on this blog for a while. It’s been a crazy, difficult year.
    I really appreciate your kind words about the survey – it was really created from a place of self-defense, initially.
    I’d love to be able to share it with people in it’s Google Form form, but I can’t seem to do that. If any of you know how, let me know. The normal steps to share a document appear to not work for this unless I allow people to also edit it.
    At any rate, I opened the comments on that particular post on my blog. I don’t have time right now to moderate a bunch of comments, so default is comments turned off. But, if you have things to say about it, please leave a comment on that blog post (linked above).
    I’d love to get more feedback to improve it. Bryce already sent me a couple questions to add re: reading. I’ll add those soon.
    Thanks again, everyone, and I hope to see you all at iFLT in St. Paul this summer!!

    1. Grant,
      I retyped the questions that I wanted, with directions to give each statement a 1-5. I gave it to my seniors yesterday. I also asked them to put a more personal note on the back, including future plans and/or what they would like me to remember about them.
      I would like to quote from one of the responses because it reflects what this blog is all about:
      “This is by far one of my favorite classes. After being in here with you for two years now, I’ve come to enjoy the Spanish language. I hated taking foreign languages until I took this class…It was the best Spanish class I’ve taken. This is my fifth year of learning the language and I finally feel confident with it…”
      This is from a young lady who barely speaks out expect when spoken to, yet gave her full attention to everything we were doing for two years.

    2. Hi Grant and Nathaniel, I’d like to try this survey. If you could help me get start with a few pointers on Google Forms that would help a lot. Best would be if Grant should just share it, but it doesn’t seem to be easy to do.
      Thanks, Ben

  6. Ben, Nathaniel and others,
    Google’s sharing only allows me to share this with collaborators, in other words, you’ll have full edit rights and will be able to view results too. That’s not all bad, unless it shares widely and ppl start changing it.
    So, let’s start w/ just PLC folks.
    Try this link. It should allow you to open the doc with editing rights. I guess what I would like you to try to do is make a copy in your own Google drive, make changes, and have someone submit a response.
    Hopefully it will collect responses just to your new form and not my shared ‘generic’ one but I’ve had htings happen where 2014 responses get mixed up with 2013 responses, so I’m cautious.
    Here’s the link. Report back how it goes:

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