Simon's Cat MT – 1

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10 thoughts on “Simon's Cat MT – 1”

  1. Thanks Ben. This is exactly what I needed to kind of “push” me to do MT. I was delaying and hesitating but now you packaged a lesson for me to adapt as I wish.

  2. You could write a very bare bones embedded reading, thereby IDing the verbs you wanna use, and some cognates and super 7 – whatever. THat can be your script…

  3. I also really like to do a few key still screen shots (option + shift + 4) and make a brief slideshow from the Youtube clip before ever showing any action. You could put some vPQA elements into the slide show – ask some questions, cloze some sentences, etc. There’s certainly a fine line regarding stretching out the circling and predictions to the point of exasperation, and just playing the whole dang thing.
    If you do a parallel telling w/puppets & props beforehand, you prolly wouldn’t need still shots. There are so many ways to approach MT! I really think the dark-room + no-sound viewing with the activated din clanging in their heads puts them into Dr. K’s hyper receptive state. Sometimes I feel like I’m giving drugs to a junkie – they seem so addicted to watching the screen – but that’s another issue altogether…

    1. Eric said that Blaine gets actors up to act out the MT. Do I have that right? Can’t remember where I read it. Just pointing that out because I would think that in a good MT class, just like in a good reading class, we have to spin personalized questions out and then reel them back in before they get too big. For example, one of my superstars has a white cat like Simon’s. It’s in her phone. An ugly thing with one of those flattened faces but I won’t tell her that. Tomorrow I will spin out and ask if Flat Face would throw a soccer ball at the door of her house. So this comment is just to remind us to always personalize everything we do, reaching from text to students with the same questions, comparing, contrasting. just rolling around in the CI yet always returning to the base text we are reading or watching. For those new, all you have to remember about this work is that we create or read some text, a story or an MT or just some PQA that we create with the kids, then we talk about it, first reading it or not. So we spin discussion out of existing information. That’s really all there is to this work. So if you are thinking you’re not doing it right, it may not be true. If you are looking for and getting communication with your students, then you can say with confidence that you are doing it right. Fret less about the details. You are not a performer with a guitar. No frets. Don’t fret. (Double pun!) There are no rules. Just communicate with them in the TL, talking a lot about them. That’s your lesson plan.

  4. Dang I forgot to add – clips that have only music – no words – are especially nice, IMO. When you play the clip in little pieces, they are accompanied by memorable pieces of melody. Many of the Charles Schultz Peanuts ones are like this. I used this one last year for the week or so before T-giving, and it will be part of my bag-o-tricks this year too.
    Snoopy’s Thanksgiving Dinner:

  5. Only tangentially related, but I did this video *prior* to doing The Box with my 5th graders.
    We worked on chases, runs, takes, puts, on the ground. All of these words came back in The Box.
    And I just discovered this one, which could be a great follow-up.
    After PQA-ing the structures, I always pause the video and ask questions the first time around. It drives the kids nuts, but it makes the actual watching of the video all the way through really rewarding. I do all kinds of follow-ups: true/false, put the sentences in chronological order in which they appear in the video (that one is harder with something like The Box, which doesn’t really have a plot), fill-in-the-blanks, and all of this leads up to my favorite: Pictionary. Kids are in pairs. One partner closes his/her eyes, and the other is the drawer. I write a sentence on a mini white board and show it to the drawers. I count to 3, and on 3, drawers start to draw and guessers open their eyes. It’s so incredibly fun and rewarding to hear the kids come out with entire sentences that describe the drawing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting to that output.
    (I could do MT for the entire year. Thanks, Eric, for opening up this world to me. I have a whole folder on Drive with a bunch of clips and accompanying files, if anyone’s interested.)

  6. Ben, how do you scaffold so much vocabulary if your students know only a few of the words? My Level ones only know a few of the words used in your French text on the video. I’m afraid of going too wide with this.
    I made a powerpoint of the Box video similar to the way Diane did with the other videos. I could link it here and/or send it via email.

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