rSF – Sentence Frames 4 – the rSF Protocol Outlined – Follow this Protocol in Class

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7 thoughts on “rSF – Sentence Frames 4 – the rSF Protocol Outlined – Follow this Protocol in Class”

  1. Alrighty! I am all over this. I tried the first version earlier in the week but hadn’t read it carefully enough to get the whole sequence. Nonetheless it was dead quiet while they were writing AND also they listened to their classmates to find out what they had done. Total bummer that I did not remember to have a quiz writer.

    My question is for this version, where the first “draft” is graded and they have to rewrite, how do you grade them? I am not in a practice of grading writing yet, so…I am guessing that it’s based on a scale of how much detail they provide? I have always been a believer in separating the process of writing from the process of editing. But since this exercise is by nature pretty analytic I am not confident in how to set up a grading system for a first draft. They are pretty much filling in blanks, so does spelling (copying) count? And then whatever they use to fill in the blanks gets more credit for volume? detail? accuracy?

    I think this sequence has amazing potential. It seems like a very important extension of the “Circling With Cards” that many of us do at the beginning and let go at some point (except for the the one and only Skip, who can keep it going :). It is also (for me at least) a way to “validate” in the kids’ perception, the “weekend chats.” When we do those, they think we are “not doing anything.”

    I envision doing similar frames for upper levels using more complex structures too. Endless possibilities to trick the kids into CI by “doing something” (aka “writing.”)

  2. Just for information, the French ministry of education gave us a 20 scale for grading written essays for the baccalaureate. Basically it was 12 points for form (grammar, spelling, etc.) and 8 points for content. I used it for years because I could tell my students that that was how they’d be graded for the “bac”. I used to think that 12 points was too high, but grading form is also very objective,pretty cut and dried, while grading content is more subjective.

    Note that the points for vocabulary and structures are designed to reward risk takers, students who try to use more complex expressions and varied vocabulary. Those who play it safe by using very simple sentences will only get half of the points.

    Content: 8
    Presentation: 0.5
    Conformity to instructions: 2
    Interest: 3.5
    Organization: 2

    Form: 12
    Correction : 4
    Vocabulary : 4
    Structures: 4

  3. Very helpful. I will put a reminder in my Outlook to look this up next school year before returning from vacation. Do you think it also would work as a year-starting plan with upper levels?

    1. I can’t think of anything better to start the year with at upper levels. It brings cohesiveness to the group right away. It is a nice way to start the year since the CWB no longer can work at those upper levels.

    2. Diane: I just had a four day weekend after exams. I changed the I received structure to I bought – many of the girls are shopping for their Cotillion dresses so bought worked out just fine!

  4. I have exams next week . Sounds like a good reset activity as the new semester starts off with a grade. It’s pathetic how stressed they are. Here’s the $24,000 question: “What do I have to do to get an A?” This makes me cranky. I gave a “Houdini”chapter as a listening assessment. Listen to the CD without looking at the questions, then look at the questions and listen again. A few who had taken the advice to read the chapter were cool as cucumbers, the others were in a panic. Most of them did very well, but wow many were sure they really bombed it! I graded it progressing, meets expectations, and exceeds expectations. It was fine. But this writing thread is really interesting. Thanks, all.

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