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16 thoughts on “Reminder”

  1. Sabrina Janczak

    Hi Jen,

    Hope you are well and enjoying the rest of the summer. What level do you teach again. I forgot. Let me see what French books I have in double and I’ll send them to you. It was great meeting you and spending time with you in Breckenridge.
    And thank you for sharing your salad with me at the airport, that was very sweet !

    1. Salut Sabrina,

      Alors, on se retrouve sur le Web. Je viens de m’inscrire a ce site. Peut-etre que tu peux me faire des recommendations? Il y a pas mal de choses a lire!

      A bientot,

      1. Sabrina Janczak

        Je suis contente que tu m’ aies ecoutée et que tu te sois inscrite sur ce blog.
        Tu verras, c’est super. Tu as le support de tous les adhérants et Ben est incroyable! Pour ce qui est de a lecture, il y a tellement de choses à lire.
        Regarde d’abord les catégories qui t’intéressent et puis petit à petit fais le tri.
        Bon et bien voila, on reste forcément en contact maintenant que tu fais partie du club!

    2. Salut Sabrina,
      Thanks for the message! I am very slow getting back to cyber world! Just 4 days after Breckenridge we left for the Dominican Republic and just got back last Friday. It was great meeting you out in the wild west:) I teach level 1-2. If you have any extras of anything that would be supercool! If not, no worries! I just spent today in my classroom getting rid of anything that might take up space for my classroom library 🙂 Slowly shifting back to school mode, which is easy thanks to this group!

      1. Sabrina Janczak


        Let me see . I have double of some books. I need to clean out my closet and my basement . I have boxes filled with French children’s books . My problem is I teach French 1 and 2 at the moment ( and you too) and I find that these books are even too hard for beginners.
        I start on the 27th but with the kids on the 3rd so I have a little time, may be next week when my own kids start school.
        I am soooo not ready…..

  2. I also have little to no funding for books. My school is allowing students to bring their smartphones, ipads, kindle fires … that they already own and use them for educational purposes. I am trying to find spanish blogs and class blogs that students could read or buy ebooks and emagazines ( more affordable). This will of course be an experiment with 8 th graders but if it works it will alleviate the lack of funding.

    I found this website ( today for Spanish teachers. There are comics ( Asterix and Obelix, Mortadelo y Filemón and Tin tin), there are all kinds of magazines. Hopefully this will come in handy for someone on the PLC.

  3. The FVR Library idea hasn’t worked. Time to think about the model you describe above, Sarah, as pretty soon all the kids and animals down to the insects level will be carrying ipads around. So, our next project on building FVR libraries must certainly be in this area. Some sites with good texts for FVR have already been mentioned here over the past year but are scrolled out. Let’s start collecting them her as comments below. At least I am almost certain the FVR Library idea won’t work. Skip has been the only one trying to get books around. Just a reflection of the times we live in. (“Books? What’s a book?”)

  4. I actually brought 5 books to NTPRS and ended up bringing 4 of them back home with me 🙁

    Bryce did a very interesting session on “Light Reading” He gave a passionate plea to get kids reading for pleasure again. He has over 1000 titles in his library and has had pretty good buy-in….

    I am going to remind people of this resource again:

  5. So if you are cleaning out a closet and think of it, click on the FVR Instant Library Program and send those old books first to those listed above. But our original idea of the group helping build one person’s library at a time doesn’t like like it’s going to work. So what Sarah and skip are doing, finding FVR sites through the web, may indeed be the next step, with actual book funding so low in districts right now. We’ll see what happens.

    I know that Krashen is still very much into using book rate to send books around the planet. Whether he is living in another era or not, I don’t know. I don’t think so. Our kids would do quite well to sit and read for ten minutes per day (level 1 still being debated) and physically holding an actual book, not an ipad, just seems less vulgar than doing FVR on a device of some sort.

    Like what kid is going to stay on the site with the book anyway? Skip seems to have the most ideas and most initiative and willingness to share books on this. Skip? What can we do to help each other get libraries or do we go with the ipads for those who have them? Sarah, what do you think is going to happen? Others?

    1. I will try to see if I can speak with our librarian to have her acquire some more L2 books when I get back on the 20th. I have yet to see how this whole kids with cell phones in school will work. I am nervous and anxious about it. Towards the end of the year last year students were allowed to bring kindles and ipads and I only caught a handful playing angry birds. They were really responsible and I think some of the kids read more than they would have merely because they were using an ipad/ kindle.

      The reason why that website or magazines are so appealing to me is that they are current and high interest for the kids. It would be very difficult to find a skateboarding or gaming magazine in Spanish. I believe that some of those students that are not big fans of school would be more apt to try and read silently if it is about some video game they play all the time or the girls might get hooked reading about the Spanish royal family. I only have a few students who don’t mind being seen reading green eggs and ham in spanish or the big red dog’s first day of school. ( 8 th graders don’t really care)

      If it were up to me each kid would have a book and read in silence but I just don’t have enough books. I am just throwing ideas out there that I will test out if the phones are used responsably. If not I will try again with something else like printing out certain articles on a variety of topics. It is all trial and error for me.

      1. I want to know if there are “gaming” mags or “skateboarding” mags and other special interest mags. They have to exist in our target languages right? I’ve never been able to find them though, just Que Tal and those made for students type mags. If anyone ever finds a legit distributor of this kind of material, please pass the word!

        1. I subscribed to Sports Illustrated and a car and driver type once in Spanish…just two or three years ago through a magazine sale at school..not sure if they are still available…they were popular! (well…still are)

          with love,

          1. That’s a start Laurie, thank you, I’ll see if I can find anything in a search of those names.

  6. A few resources:
    1. I’ve started using to create stories with illustrations. A bit time consuming, but its customized to your class and the books turn out fantastic. I just link it to my school page and have students find it there.

    2. I found a good amount of free readers for the kindle at A first reader, spanish fairy tales….

    3. This is a free ebook of Spanish fairytales:

    4. This site had readings on a variety of topics…from dog breeds to inventions. I haven’t spent much time on this one, so haven’t really assessed its value:

    5. Audio Fairy Tales in Spanish (free):

    6. Reading on a variety of cultural elements:

    7. Short stories in Spanish. Look pretty difficult for early classes:

    8. I haven’t used this yet, but its a lending library of books/resources.

    9. I’m going to try to work something out with our local library and see if I can bring in 20 different books each month or something…

  7. Melanie Bruyers

    To make my library, I went on ebay and bought “lots” of German children’s books. One lot had about 10 books. Also, there are tiny 2 inch pixie books that are inexpensive and I bought a bunch of those, just with my own money. I spent about $100 and I have a fairly decent library along with books from the teacher before me and some books I had around at home.

    1. The ebay advice was fantastic! It is so simple I just don’t shop online a lot. Thank you I look forward to buying some “lots” of tiny readers.

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