Pigs Can’t Fly 4

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6 thoughts on “Pigs Can’t Fly 4”

  1. Problem is when you teach in a school district that has weak administrators. They’re tough when it comes to being up against teachers but absolutely weak and spineless against parents.

    My district tolerates way too much from parents. The minute a parent calls and complains about something, our district is on the case. Want to suspend a kid? Forget about, as soon as the parent calls and say “don’t think so”, the kid is back in school the next day. Have a 13 year old girl who was obviously fed too much hormone-laden food so she has bigger breasts than most Playboy models? Forget about enforcing dress code on her! True story: there’s an 8th grade girl (I don’t have her this year, thank God) who is always hanging out of her shirt. Waaayy against dress code, teachers have written her up, the administration has called home and her mom simply says “we can’t help it there aren’t any shirts that fit her”. ummm…that’s what t-shirts are for! There was a teacher who got on her case about her breasts hanging out, and the girl got a major attitude back, being really disrespectful. The principal called her mom about it and her mom said “well, the teacher was being disrespectful to her”. Then, there was an argument one time between the assistant principal and this same mom on the phone, the mom starting cursing and yelling so the ass. princ. said “I’m not going to continue this phone call if you are going to speak like that. Please call me when you can speak politely about this. goodbye” and hung up. This mom then for about a week refused to send her daughter to school until the assistant principal apologized for “hanging up on her”. The girl is back in school, I’m not sure if the principal apologized to her or not. This is what we’re up against. I was also told that this girl posted something on facebook about this situation and I guess her mom commented saying “don’t worry, they’re just jealous of your boobs”.

    It’s these types of mentally ill parents enabling their monster children to be monsters that we are up against. Sucks big time. Sorry about my long rant, I hope it doesn’t sound incoherent, I have a tendency to just type as my thoughts come to mind.

  2. Sorry about the comment above sounding so negative, at the time of writing that I was irritated with some things that some other teachers were telling me about things going on and I felt like I needed to vent.

    1. No need to apologize. We are not your administrators. We have just spent about six months creating a unique refueling plaza in cyberspace, where we can speak honestly as long as I do my detective work of keeping us pretty much (as much as possible) safe from general internet traffic and other space junk that may threaten our gas station in the sky. It is all so we can speak freely and openly and honestly about the incredible bullshit that we go through every day (Chris, this one here is a good example). Some days it’s one person, the next it’s someone else on this blog space. It’s a community built for ranting. That’s the whole idea of making the blog private. Hmmm. I must choose:

      (a) Privacy/free speech or
      (b) Communication in public/no free speech?

      I’ll take choice (a). The entire year before we went behind our wall in May was the most unbelievable invasion and stomping on of my own personal right to express myself that I could have ever imagined, ranging from a threatened law suit from an IB Principal who was very protective of his prize winning county fair Grammar Hens* to my own blog posts being printed out and used against me by a colleague in my department in laughingly dangerous exchanges with a grammar teacher. Very very Orwellian, no bout a doubt it. And if anyone copies shit from here and sends it to anybody, just don’t do that. I don’t give a rip about protecting authorship but I do care that people share stuff that is considered private. In that interest, if you communicate with someone who has been kicked off of this blog due to trust issues, don’t share what you read here. December 1st brings a new round of cuts, after the 67 done last month, all because I am either:

      – super paranoid, or
      – wanting some honest talk with a few colleagues instead of large doses of, at best, average banter with people I don’t know.

      No more apologies from you on anything, Chris. You are a young one who has made more strides in the past five months than I made in my first five years of investigating TPRS. We can do this. Say what you want. Without the privacy, your rant could easily get back into your school, as happened to me too many times. I’ll keep reading in between the lines of the bios and checking the safety level here so we can continue to speak exactly as you did above.


    2. Chris,

      As Ben said, no need to apologize. Often you can enlist parents to help. They are, after all, the “big guns” and generally get what they want for good or ill. When it is for ill, we all suffer – including their darling little monsters. A day will come when they can no longer coerce people to put up with them, and they will wonder why they are alone.

      Ben wrote, these monsters work cleverly under skillful passive defiance learned over years. That is so true. I have one student in my beginning class – with which I am finally beginning to make some headway – who has walked the line of insubordination for a while. On Friday I asked him to participate in the class, and he gave a passive-agressive non-commital answer. I then gave him the choice of joining the class or going to the office. He replied, “Let me think about it for a minute.” I said, “You’ve already made your choice” and sent him to the office to sit on the bench for the period. He seemed genuinely surprised. The class went much better after that.

      1. Hi Robert,
        You are lucky you can send them to the office. We are not allowed to do that in my school ( I teach in one of the Chicago Public schools) . We have to keep them in the classroom and deal with them! Dean referrals take days/week to be processed and they don’t do anything anyway, beside giving suspensions. Suspension punish parents and teachers who have to deal with the kids when they return, and cannot catch up . So the teacher gets a mini vacation and a feeling of peace, but it’s only a temporary fix until the jackals come back and start acting out again.
        It is awful that one little monster can ruin one’s life, sometime forcing teachers out of this profession, but I guess it comes with the territory and we have to stay sane and healthy for all the other wonderful kids around.

  3. Hurrah for you Robert. You spoke honestly that he had made his choice as clearly he was hoping to mess with your head a little more before the week was out. Hopefully this week he returns with a clearer perspective of what it means to participate in your classroom.

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