New DPS Hire

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26 thoughts on “New DPS Hire”

  1. We don’t have Latin in DPS and well over 50% of our students already speak Spanish but you never know how things will change. Latin should come in. We need a lot more German. We only have one Italian teacher. Things change always and if you ever change to another school it’s likely to happen in August. That’s when jobs are really found.

  2. So effing cool 🙂 Yay for Sabrina! Yay for DPS! WOOT!!!!!

    ON a separate note, just because I am curious…you mentioned the 2 ACTFL national teachers sitting side by side at that gathering. What did you mean when you said “Luckily both left before the argument?” What do you believe their position(s) to be on this?

    And what was all the yelling about? Just wondering. I am fascinated that there are differing views on forced output from within the CI community. Maybe I am naive or just sheltered?

  3. Aw, zing! I thought that you would get the job, Sabrina. Congratulations! I will miss working with Sabrina on a local level. We’ll talk about how to keep our new, growing Chicago-ish area teachers together. Thank you so much, Sabrina, for getting that started.

  4. Ben, you must stop talking about this or I’m going to bail on DougCo and come to DPS! Every time I hear about all the wonderful things happening in DPS I get soooooooooo envious!

    Does Lynette teach French or Spanish? I have a super CI-trained young lady (in French) going to Valor and I would love to know that she’s going to an environment where she will not only survive but thrive!


  5. I have been absent here for quite some time (first end-of year hell and then a self-prescribed weeks-long brain purge) but I couldn’t have come back to more awesome news!!!! This is soooo amazing and I am soooo happy for all of you at DPS, but mostly for Sabrina. What a ground-breaking team you all have over there.

    I also just found out that I will be teaching French (7th grade, level 1) for the first time in my teaching career, so I’m really excited and will definitely rifle through all of Sabrina’s posts here to get me started. And there is more good news, Laurie (Clarcq) will be doing a 2-day PD for us in September. I can’t believe all this is happening at once.

    So good to be back, I really missed all of you and your brain food 🙂

    1. Sabrina Sebban-Janczak

      Welcome back Brigitte,

      I/we have missed you !!

      How exciting that you’ll be teaching 7th grade French!

      Please feel free to pick my brains anytime , and I m sure anybody else here would love to help you as well.
      You can email me at or call/text at 630 849 9423 ANYTIME for anything, OK?

      Ben, Anne Matava and I did that last year. If we were in the middle of the day teaching and something arose, we would shoot each other a quick email or text and the answer would get there in real time. How cool is that?

      So feel free to use that as a resource…
      So happy to see you back!

    2. when is Laurie going to LI? will it be a weekend?
      *IF* I can get work done around my house today, I *MIGHT* be heading down there this week!!! (for those of you at Town & Country: my friend Barbara rented a campsite and wants to have sing-a-longs by the campfire! 😉 haha)

      I feel the need to process all that I learned in San Diego and Dallas first (and catch up on cleaning my house!!!)

  6. Nobody couldn’t be happier for Sabrina than I!!!! (as I was LIVING with her for those weeks that she was applying and waiting to hear and got her interview with DPS!!!) and, I remember last year, on the shuttle back to Denver from Breckenridge, Sabrina saying to me, “WOW, isn’t it so beautiful here!! I would love to live here!” (not just because she thought it beautiful, but because of the groundbreaking things DPS is doing with CI) Sabrina is going to be in her element!! I am SO happy for her and PROUD of her!!!
    You go GIRL!!!! 🙂

  7. This is so incredibly wonderful for Sabrina and for DPS. My prayer would be that we all could work in an enlightened environment like the one Diana has spearheaded in Denver. Little by little.

  8. Now I just have even more of a reason to head to Denver to visit! It seems like everyone I know is moving there or lives there, haha. This couldn’t have happened to a better person. You’re one of a kind Sabrina and I look forward to hearing all about your adventures :).

  9. What the what?!?! Sabrina!?!?! WHEN the WHEN? did you decide this?

    Congrats! I’m so happy for you! Crazy!

    And here, I thought you were moving to California…hmm… I guess Colorado is a *little* closer than Chicago, eh?

    Best wishes for a smooth transition my dear!

    –Leigh Anne

      1. Sabrina Sebban-Janczak

        Hi Drew,

        It was so nice to meet you in San Diego!
        I do want to move to California, and that should be the last stop for me, but Denver is a transition , and there were no TCI friendly jobs in California for the next coming year so Denver was a great alternative!

  10. Sabrina Sebban-Janczak

    Hi Leigh Ann,

    I have been wanting to work for DPS ever since I heard from Ben about Diana Noonan’s work for DPS and the big push for comprehension-based teaching.
    I had even sent Diana an email last year telling her I would love to join DPS.

    Anyway, Paul Kirschling sent a text to Ben and Diana towards the end of the San Diego Conference letting them know he was transfering to another DPS school, and that his position was being vacated. Ben , Mark, Hong Kong Bob and I were in the car and Ben told me about it. I immediately had him call Paul who told me to apply and the rest is history.

    I am in Denver right now for DEI (Denver Educator’s Institute) for the week and although I am overwhelmed at the impact this will have on my personal and professional life, I feel I made the right decision.

    This year in Chicago, as you and I have talked about LeighAnne, would have been a nightmare for me trying to prep my kids for the AP exam after only 3 years of French, and also with preparing kids for the IB Certificate . I would have had to teach to the test, with no guarantees.

    I have never done that nor do I even know how to teach a grammar curriculum, never having done that. I would have disappointed my kids , and brought all kinds of unwanted stress to myself. I am a hard working teacher, but I like to work hard towards quality, not quantity. I want to work efficiently, and to me less is more.

    As I see it ,that is one of the differences between teaching a comprehension-based classroom ( focusing on acquiring the language through the natural grammar of the language, in very small chunks) versus a grammar curriculum
    (cramming language in large quantity in thematic units).

    Anyway, good luck with your beginning of the year leigh Anne! We’ll be in touch for sure…

    1. Leigh Anne Munoz

      Wow, Sabrina — you don’t owe anyone any explanation — but, thank you for taking the time to write. You must be experiencing so many emotions right now.

      Helping kids pass the AP after 3 years…that’s no picnic.

      When you get a chance to talk more, send me an e-mail, ok?

      I’m sending calming vibes your way.

    1. Sabrina Sebban-Janczak

      Hi jody,
      I was hoping to meet you in San Diego but I heard about your impediment. I hope everything is healed by now…
      And thank you everyone for all of your sweet and encouraging words!

      It is a big move for me and I am overwhelmed but from what I see so far (I have been in Denver since Sunday for training), this district is amazing and Diana Noonan is just plainly freaking awesome!!!

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